Motorcycle Chains Maintenance Simplified


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Why should we bother to maintain the chains? - Simply because a well-maintained motorcycle chains can save you from future trouble.

Tight chains is strenuous not only to other motorcycle parts but to the chains itself. In addition, too tight chains can further result to expensive damage to your bike. On one hand, loose chains can result to sprocket wear or worse - a terrible crash!

The best chain condition, therefore, is that which has adjusted and lubricated. It prolongs the life of the chains. Aside from that, it helps in transmitting power smoothly. Thus, it makes your ride smooth and comfortable.

Adjusting and lubricating the chains is a grimy job. Nonetheless, it can be less dirty and time-consuming. In fact it may not take 15 minutes to fix it. Of course this is if you know exactly what to do.

How quick and easy you can handle it depends on the type of bike you have. However the rule of thumb is: Take the excess slack out of the chain, without overdoing it, make sure the back wheel remains more or less straight in the process and keep the chain lightly oiled, again without drowning it.

How you maintain and do minor repairs are discussed in the owner’s manuals. To boot, the only bolts that you should have to touch are the rear axle. Sometimes it is the bolts holding the axle clamps and the adjuster bolts if in case your bike has it. Just consult your manuals or you bike manufacturers in case of doubt.

If you knew your tension’s already right, nip up all the bolts again. Be reminded that axle bolts and axle clamps generally require a lot of force. On the contrary, adjuster screws and the like need gentle force. If you are unsure of how much force to exert, consult the expert on the matter.

To keep your bike away from dirt plus to have a constant and diminutive supply of oil, lube is necessary. Some O-ring needs external lube in order to cut down the friction on the sprocket to keep the temperature low. The most practical way is to use spray lube.

If the chain is already adjusted and lubed, you can now ride hard and wild. However, if you always travel in unsealed, wet and extremely rough road, for a long period chances are your chains may be needing extra-attention. Also, those bikes that are heavy and use a lot of horsepower need a weekly check.

It pays to clean motorcycle chains regularly!

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