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Protect Your Health With Motorcycle Rain Gear


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Imagine for a moment, that you are flying along a road out on your yearly motorcycle road trip. You have 250 miles to go before you stop for the night, and you see a thunderstorm rolling in. As it looms closer you begin to wonder what to do. A contributing factor in all of this is that you forgot to pack your rain gear. Should you pull over and wait out the storm? Or ride on through to your next stop, and tough it out. You decide to for the latter, and end up spending the rest of your trip miserable, because you have gotten a cold mixed with a sinus infection. If only you had packed your motorcycle rain gear.

The miracles of modern textiles could have saved you the trouble and hassle of a cold. Quality motorcycle rain suits are made from an advanced waterproof technology, 600 Denier nylon. They will have several pockets with full enclosed flaps and Velcro, and even an inner pocket to keep your wallet nice and dry.

With numerous styles and colors to choose from, you can find one that matches your tastes, and still have a comfortable fit. You can purchase a rain suit in either a one piece style or two piece style. The legs should have Velcro and zippers to accommodate the wearing of boots, and the sleeves should have Velcro and zippers as well to help facilitate the wearing of a leather jacket. There should also be a durable heat resistant inner leg lining to protect the rain suit from becoming melted due to high engine and exhaust temperatures. Finding a motorcycle rain suit that has reflective material is also important. This helps to ensure that other drivers see you in bad weather.

When riding in the rain remember to take it slower than normal. Try to keep the turns to a minimum, as you only have two wheels touching the ground, and a condition called hydroplaning can occur very much easier than in a passenger vehicle. Hydroplaning occurs when the water underneath a tire causes the tire to actually float on the water, causing the tire to loose traction and stability. Be sure to observe the amount of rain on the road, as even a couple of inches of rain can cause hydroplaning.

Finally when you arrive at your destination, be sure to treat all of your leather products with a good polish and leather preserver like, Skidmore's Biker Motorcycle Edition Leather Cream that helps preserve and restore a soft durable quality to the leather. The best time to do this actually is after every rainy ride, or at least once a month.

Whatever the weather that you are riding in, always be sure to stay safe, and have fun. The art of motorcycle riding can be dangerous, but you can help keep it safe if you follow the rules of the road. Be sure to help out your fellow bikers, and always wear head protection.

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