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Articles about or concerning ATV Parts, Kids' ATVs, ATV Repair, ATV Accessories, ATV Safety.
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Snowmobile Helmets

 Peter Gitundu (September 24, 2008)  Safety is important in snowmobile riding, as is with any other motor sport. One of the biggest safety measures that people can undertake is to purchase snowmobile helmets. As with all safety gear, one shouldn't compromise but buy the best there is that is within their means. There are different helmets for the different things that you do. For example, a professional racer might get a .. (ATV)

The Snowmobile Parts Yamaha Produces

 Peter Gitundu (September 24, 2008)  Yamaha produces great and powerful performance vehicles. It also boasts a line of snowmobiles that are highly regarded. As with everything that is created tough and for rugged terrain, there is always a possibility that your snowmobile could stall. It's at this time that you need to locate a genuine Yamaha parts dealer in your area. You can find the dealers in the yellow pages or listed . (ATV)

Snowmobile Parts

 Peter Gitundu (September 24, 2008)  For snowmobile owners, winter doesn't signify staying indoors and counting the days till spring. Winter means fun, because it's time to bring out the snowmobiles and have fun on your snowmobile. Before winter rolls in, they should make sure that the snowmobile parts are in great shape, and should perhaps check it out or have a professional run a diagnostic test. You can get different .. (ATV)

Yamaha Snowmobiles

 Peter Gitundu (September 24, 2008)  Yamaha snowmobiles are not built with just one use in mind. They aren't just for getting from point A to B in a snowy area. They are built to add pleasure to life. They are built so people can take their families and friends out to the countryside. They are built so that, that extreme sport buff can compete in a racing competition. Yamaha has been building snowmobiles for a while now, .. (ATV)

Antique Snowmobiles

 Peter Gitundu (September 18, 2008)  In 1916, snowmobiles came into use as an option for travel in deeply covered snow areas. They provided a better option than attaching snow chains to the wheels of people's vehicles. They were smaller, which made them easier to maneuver in the snow covered terrain. Of course with time, these vehicles have been modernized and perfected, but there are those people who are still into the .. (ATV)

Go Kart Frame Cracks - Stress Failure Calculations

 Robert Gamble (September 16, 2008)  Its happened to us all at one time or another: we have been a victim, of stress failure. I myself for example have been enduring a failure of sorts, my tibia broke, and broke at a very important intersection, which required surgery. . . But, most of us have been observant of a less painful failures: Failures such as - A rake breaking in our hands - Or a board snapping under our feet - .. (ATV)

Used Forklifts Or New Forklifts? Get Rid of Your Dilemma

 Cliff Peterson (September 15, 2008)  Forklifts or lift trucks have been high on demand, especially with industrial organizations that require new forklifts or used forklifts for the transport of heavy and basic materials. New forklifts or used forklifts are indispensable today with the huge number of takers. Right from manufacturing to the stockrooms, these forklifts play a predominant role in the movement of raw materials . (ATV)

Facts About ATVs

 Brenda Williams (September 15, 2008)  All Terrain Vehicles run on low pressure tires, has a seat for one person and has handlebars for steering the vehicle. These vehicles, as evidenced by their name, are used for off-road adventures through the muck, the mud and the earthy terrain. All Terrain Vehicles are used in many different ways including for sport or fun and for safety purposes. All Terrain Vehicles are not street .. (ATV)

Choosing a Helmet Camera For Your ATV Or ATV Helmet

 Nicole Douglas (September 09, 2008)  There's more to choosing the right type of ATV Helmet Cam than just surfing the Internet. Here are some tips to finding an ATV helmet camera. You will need to have a shock resistant helmet cam for all the bumps you may encounter on the trail. You'll want your helmet camera to be weatherproof in case you get caught in the rain or have to cross a creek. Finally, you will need a secure .. (ATV)

Why Buy an Electric Motor Scooter?

 AJ Vanderhorst (August 18, 2008)  With motor scooters selling like crazy, their popularity is hardly a secret. But if you're thinking seriously about putting money down on a scooter, you need to answer the question, “Do I need a gas powered or electric model?" I've seen websites that argue the merits of one approach or the other, as if one is drastically better-but if you click around, you notice that the type of .. (ATV)

Off Road Go Karts What a Rush

 Nick D (July 26, 2008)  When someone mentions go karts, a lot of people automatically think about children's carts. This isn't surprising, since there are so many children's go karts out on the market. Plus, a lot of attention seems to be paid to the fact that many kids build their own karts with their Dads or as part of Boy Scout activities. Kids’ go karts get a lot of interest, with many races of these . (ATV)

Tips For Dune Buggy Driving

 Nick D (July 26, 2008)  When you think about driving a dune buggy, chances are you think about fun. You think about being off-road, perhaps on a beach driving along the coastline and through the dunes. Maybe you think about warm spring afternoons and hot summer days spent in the sunshine, driving along with a friend or two, through some grasslands and countryside. All of that is well and good; however, many .. (ATV)

Go Kart Maintenance The All Important Up Keep, Pennies Today, Saves Dollars Tomorrow

 Robert Gamble (July 24, 2008)  When first buying a go kart, consideration for how often the go kart will be torn down and looked at, is usually not in the cards for most go karters. Because of this, many suffer broken down go karts that sit idle most of the year. . . What To Look For. . . The go kart should be torn down completely and examined for cracks and wearing parts. All joints should be examined for .. (ATV)

Using the Internet to Find an ATV For Sale

 Anirban Bhattacharya (July 22, 2008)  The world is becoming small to smaller day by day and Internet is playing a very important role in doing so. Internet has almost becoming a microcosm of the world outside. Without moving out you can buy, sell and get information on anything. Whether it is buying a new car or selling your old one, you get full auto guide to every sale or purchase. Internet has made our lives so easy that . (ATV)

Mopeds and Motor Bikes Buying Tips

 Jack A (July 20, 2008)  Mopeds and motorbikes are becoming more popular nowadays because of the convenience they offer and economic advantage. For one, mopeds and motorbikes have lower gas consumption, which is the main reason why many people for them over cars. There are a lot of quality mopeds and motor bikes available today and you can start canvassing if you are planning to get yours. First, carefully .. (ATV)

15 Interesting Facts About ATVs

 Tom Tomlinson (July 19, 2008)  1. Off road vehicles were first made available in the early 1960s. 2. Some of the first ATVs were 6-wheeled as opposed to the more common 4-wheeleers of today. 3. Originally brake lights were not required on ATVs; it was not until 1998 that they were made a requirement. 4. At slow speeds, an ATVs rear wheels will move in the opposite direction of the front wheels. Thus making it .. (ATV)

Kazuma Parts Online

 Dean McNeely (July 15, 2008)  Where is the best place to go when you are in need of a Kazuma ATV part? Most people would suggest that you locate the nearest ATV parts dealer near where you live, but even with a local Chinese ATV parts dealer, you may not get the parts that you need, and even if the said dealer can provide you with the parts, it may not be immediate. Hence, going online to find the Kazuma ATV part .. (ATV)

Polaris RZR Performance Gain 10 Mph For Free

 Matt Morrison (July 01, 2008)  An increasingly popular modification RZR owners are doing is removing the plastic spacer that is on the crank shaft in the drive clutch assembly. This can increase your to RZR's top speed by as much as 10 mph. The RZR's transmission is a pulley based constant velocity transmission (PVT) that consists of 3 major assemblies, the drive clutch, the driven clutch, and the drive belt. The .. (ATV)

Kazuma Parts

 Dean McNeely (June 23, 2008)  Are you having trouble finding the right people or dealers with Kazuma parts? Any ATV riding fan, especially one with a Chinese ATV, would know that the availability of the parts for your ATV is very important to your riding success. The longer you have to wait for the parts of your kid ATV to arrive, the more fun of ATV riding you will be missing out - and it is really terrible if you .. (ATV)

At Least One ATV Bag Is An Absolute Necessity For Your ATV

 Francis Clement (April 21, 2008)  If you plan on using your ATV for hunting or camping then you would be wise to take a look at ATV bags before you head out on your big excursion. ATV bags are specifically designed for ATVs and trying to adapt a standard storage bag to an ATV is a mistake that can lead to disaster. The fact is, that the more you can bring along with you when you leave on your ATV the better off you are . (ATV)

Make a Birthday Special - Plan a Birthday ATV Excursion for Your Kids

 Tony Mikael (March 20, 2008)  Believe me, ask any kid and they will tell you that there's nothing like going outdoors to have fun. Recently, we had a kid whose parent went through a whole lot of trouble planning an ATV trip as a birthday present. It was a smashing success and during one of the many parent-to-parent conversations, we had lots of positive feedback about such a party! Indeed, it's one of the most .. (ATV)

A Defensive Driver Course - More Than Your One Safety Is At Stake

 Jonathan Andrew (January 24, 2008)  There are millions of vehicular accidents every year, from harmless single-car fender benders to deadly multi-vehicle Intestate pileups. Automobile accidents, with their physical, emotional, and financial consequences, can completely devastate the lives of those involved in them. The worst thing about such accident is that even those who were completely blameless can suffer even more .. (ATV)

Guideline To Safe Purchasing of ATV Stuff Online

 Marsha Maung (January 03, 2008)  Once bitten, twice shy. . . . this is something a friend of mine told me recently. He went ahead and bought some ATV apparel for his kids online from an online retailer of some of the most reputable brands in the market today. Well, to cut the long story short and without revealing the name of the website, he didn't get his order and customer service was unhelpful. Therefore, today, if .. (ATV)

Important Things to do Before Letting your Kids Ride Mini ATVs

 Marsha Maung (December 19, 2007)  As I've asserted a lot of times before, riding mini ATV for kids is a healthy activity. Nevertheless, without taking proper precautions, it can be dangerous. Such is the case when misinformed or negligent individuals allow their kids to ride an ATV that is not meant for kids or letting kids ride without proper protective gears. In most cases, the kids get off without incident. In some .. (ATV)

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