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About Packing & Moving Fragile Items

Uday Patel

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The big problems arise whence you have to move fragile items that you value the most. For every family precious object are those which are possesively kept in state of preservation for memories sake as well as for presentation. Precious cutlery, paintings, photographs, antique, gadgets, furniture and even utensil constitute items households are most possessive about. Preserving and storing these is an onerous task. Coveted by the owners these can be nightmarish whence one has to pack and move to another destination.

Things become easy whence one hires professional packers and movers. But this is not always the case, since the services employed may not always be caring or efficient enough when it come to delicate objects. Hence such items fall under the prejorative of the family members. Packaging cannot be easy for amateurs since techniques and technology are involved. Specialy care is needed for transportation and reinstallation at new destination.

Some basic methods lead to success.

The process begins with making a list so that there is always a reckoning of the items to prevent loss or a mishap. It is imperative to consider each and every items separatly. Some oblects of arts lose their value if broken or dented. Paintings and photographs are subject to stains, getting damaged due to moisture, attrition and chemicals which can destroy the composition or damage the texture. Hence one should deal with them on priority basis. It is better to pack them with the frame intact. Use smooth cloth or paper to cover them loosely and then wrap them in a dry paper and then stack them vertically before placing in a large corrugated box. Each piece should be wrapped individually. Add cotton or rubber strips to cushion them against any shock. This should carry them to the next destination. if they are place carefully in a lorry.

Some fragile items of possesion could be carried along with you in your car if space permits. Similarly cutlery needs to be packed using cotton inside and outside, thoroughly leaving no room for shock. The boxes should contain ample amount of cushion, pluggin each space using cotton, wool or plain paper whichever seems appropriate. Cutlery can break or fracture due to shock hence try as much to carry them with you. Else place the boxes carefully in the lorry with proper handling instructions on the boxes. If possible place fragile items all in one lorry in order to avoid clashing with bold items like big furniture, trunks or beds.

While loading fragile items they should be placed on top of hard objects or in a separate corner. If space and cost permit then create enclosures which are shock proof. The professional moving and packing company will permit these intrusions. Many companies will do things themselves and recklessly at times hence insurance is a must. Some items if damaged could be lost for ever. Hence transport them yourself without jerks in your own car driven carefully on highways and alleys.


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