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The Best Way to Dispose of a Scrap Car


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Disposing of a scrap car could turn out to be more difficult than most people think. The thing is that car owners often develop extraordinary bonds with their cars after some time. This makes it even more difficult to see their old cars be towed to local scrap yards and be crushed to pieces. Realistically, however, a car that cannot travel from point A to point B is of no use to anyone. Thus, it would appear more practical and logical to do what most sentimental car owners would consider as the proper way of laying cars to rest – disposing of scrap cars in an appropriate manner.

Simply leaving an old car in a garage will simply take up significant space which you can otherwise allocate to something more useful. Moreover, leaving a car somewhere to rust will only leave you with a liability you do not need. There are actually several ways on how you can dispose of a non-functioning car and either get some returns or help others. One way is by donating it to charity as a whole or as salvage parts.

Donating a car is probably the most popular way of disposing of old cars. Some owners simply hand their unwanted cars down to family members and friends for them to repair and bring back to life. However, for owners of cars with irreparable damages, they usually donate the salvage parts to charity. Some charitable organizations will collect fixable parts and sell them to used auto parts dealers. The proceeds will then be used to fund the charity’s causes.

Other car owners also opt to trade in. This is applicable for cars that can still run, albeit not as well as they used to. These old but still functional cars can be used like discount coupons for the owners’ new car acquisitions. An old scrap car may be worth very little, but it will nonetheless, entitle you to a significant markdown when you buy a new one. Some dealers would repair the car and market it at a higher price, while some would keep only the functioning parts and sell these individually.

Moreover, the best way to dispose of a car is scrapping it for good returns. Although some people earn good money by selling entire cars to recycling centers, scrapping these into parts and selling the scraps individually is actually more profitable. Scrapping a car for money, however, should be done with caution. Not all scrap yards and recycling centers today have environment-friendly practices in processing car scrap. Aside from choosing the scrap yard with the best offer for scraps and salvage parts, you should also choose a place where your scrap will be processed without harming the environment. You will need to contact scrap yards and recycling centers directly to find out how they operate. Inquire about their procedures and make sure they operate in a safe and nontoxic setting.

Moreover, it helps to do some research before you sell your car scrap. Know the facilities where you can sell your parts and which yards and recycling centers offer the best prices in your area.

When disposing of a scrap car , one will probably be concerned of just getting rid of it. A crashed car may technically be a piece of junk, but it would still be great to get something of value in return. There are several ways on how you can dispose of an old car appropriately. Thus, instead of leaving it somewhere to rust, know the best car disposal method that benefits you the most and gives that good old car a proper send-off.


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