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Car Maintenance Of Secret Ford Focus


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To make the car safety for the winter, will know certain winter maintenance common sense. Especially just buy a car lady, car maintenance knowledge for lack of understanding. For this WanGuoKang all the ford 4 S inn regularly carry out ford car knowledge the lecture hall. By professional teacher for each car owners and owner must carry out fox knowledge class.

The author collected some about the car maintain little knowledge, for reference, can let more safety more fuel efficient driving in wintry day in the warm. Driving fuel-efficient note: NO. 1 moderate hot car (hot car is a big problem in the winter) Moderate will fox hot car, suggest to idle running for about 1 minute, then let the car slow down a distance to complete, long time of in-situ preheating car will increase fuel consumption, because fox engine are electronic-control fuel injection type, for the air flow, the inlet temperature can be very accurate detection, and at the same time for fuel injection will also precise control, so the cold start is also not like car early carburetor models that wobble.

So long time hot car is not necessary, and long time idle and idle state run air conditioning especially fuel consumption. As long as in the cold car started slowly acceleration and shift can let the engine of normal working temperature quickly. NO. 2 to reduce as much as possible in the car weight Overweight vehicles in driving more fees when oil. So try to empty suitcase, don't put the trunk when storage room, the necessary things don't piled up the car. Nearly year end without to go visit family and friends, with the condition of the gift box will meet, cannot avoid the if must remember appropriate come on! NO.

3 gentle come on, avoid by all means is urgent trample accelerator After parking slammed on the throttle started, pushed hard on the brake and accelerate the behavior will increase in fuel consumption. Not drive too fierce. DianPenChe in accelerating in off the gas, oil injection system to stop oil supply, when the engine droop to 2000 turn recover oil supply, so the taxi with shelf will fuel efficient, put neutral but fee oil.

See the red light ShouYou early, as far as possible on the brakes NO. 4 avoid by all means is low speed and ultra-high speed driving traffic block Cheap high-speed driving, engine speed too high, a little “only drink oil walking" the truth. Similarly, in highway as far as possible to avoid extremely high speed.

So can reduce air resistance. The faster the greater the resistance, the more fuel consumption. Set in the 80-100 per hour KMPH highway between is one of the most fuel efficient speed.

NO. 5 note vehicle maintenance According to the maintenance manual strict maintenance, especially to change regularly oil. Reduce oil viscosity is very important to reduce the friction, also can reduce oil consumption NO. 6 note tire pressure Let the tire pressure to keep the appropriate level. High fuel consumption of the tire pressure low, cold winter day, if you don't give the tyres before winter for some gas words, tire pressure to reduce natural, your fuel consumption will rise, more tires wandering to happen. Fox safety version with the car Winter in addition to the artificial fuel economy, of course, more should pay attention to maintain. Drive carefully before each car parts to nip in the bud, to avoid the winter break down flat halfway. In addition to the above the secret, if there is a ford owners emergencies can also be call ford road rescue service hotline: 400-650-1668. .


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