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Why Buy an Electric Motor Scooter?

AJ Vanderhorst

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With motor scooters selling like crazy, their popularity is hardly a secret. But if you're thinking seriously about putting money down on a scooter, you need to answer the question, “Do I need a gas powered or electric model?" I've seen websites that argue the merits of one approach or the other, as if one is drastically better-but if you click around, you notice that the type of scooter they endorse is the type they are trying to sell. I won't take that stance, because there are pros and cons to consider either way. Let's consider electric scooters first.

Electric motor scooters score points because. . .

  • Electricity costs a lot less than gas-up to 75 percent less. Recharging an electric scooter costs mere cents a day. This is probably the most best argument in favor of an electric scooter.
  • Battery technology is continually being refined, and will continue to improve-while buying gasoline gets more painful and problematic all the time.
  • Electric scooters are environmentally green (no fumes). If your goal is to contribute to a greener planet, then give electric scooters a good long look. Gas scooters give off harmful exhaust. However, they produce dramatically fewer emissions than cars, so they're a big step in the right direction.
  • You can ride electric scooters inside the house. Just don't give in to the temptation to perform stunts like jumping the stairs.
  • You can recharge your scooter at home. Plug it in next to your cooking range, by your computer, wherever.
  • You can pack electric motor scooters on trips, because they're allowed in buses, planes, and trains-while gas powered scooters are not.
  • Maintenance is straightforward and cheap. No oil changes, for example, and the battery acids are contained, so there's no need to handle fuel.
  • Electric scooters are very quiet, almost silent (low humming sound) and they start at the push of a button. Gas scooters are louder, and can be compared to a lawnmower or small motorcycle in terms of noise output.

To recap, electric motor scooters are especially a good fit for people who foresee short-range, urban use on a predictable schedule. For example, riding around a residential neighborhood, downtown community, or campus. Using an electric model with a regular schedule will give you the downtime you need to make sure it's charged up.

After reading this overview, you may be high on electric scooters, and I don't blame you! But hang on a second-some people have demands that are a better match for gas powered scooters. Do you want a scooter with more toughness and speed? Were you hoping to take your scooter off road, or on longer trips? To hear the pro-gasoline powered argument, keep an eye out for the argument in favor of gas motorized scooters and hybrids.

AJ Vanderhorst writes about gas powered motor scooters for today's travelers. A world of cutting edge design and money-saving fuel economy awaits your discovery. Ready to accelerate into the fast lane? Check out Cheap Motor Scooters .


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