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Off Road Go Karts What a Rush


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When someone mentions go karts, a lot of people automatically think about children's carts. This isn't surprising, since there are so many children's go karts out on the market. Plus, a lot of attention seems to be paid to the fact that many kids build their own karts with their Dads or as part of Boy Scout activities. Kids’ go karts get a lot of interest, with many races of these karts being held. So, it isn't at all unexpected that people would think about children when someone talks about go karts.

However, there is another world of go karts. These are off road go karts-karts that are made for adults. Slowly, but surely, adult off road go karts are rising up in the world and becoming more popular.
How are adult off road go karts different from kids’ karts?

If you were to look at pictures of the two types of karts side-by-side, you would instantly notice several differences:

  • Off road go karts have much larger wheels and tires than kids’ karts, which offers better traction and stability.

  • Off road karts are higher up off of the ground than kids’ karts, giving them the ability to clear more ground obstacles more easily.

  • Adult models have full suspensions with shocks in front and in back. This helps to make the ride over rough terrain just a little smoother.

  • More powerful engines in off road go karts enable them to drive at higher speeds and to accelerate more quickly. Their engines also help them to be able to climb hills.

  • Many adult models are able to go in reverse, unlike kids’ karts.

  • Most off road go karts have stronger styling features, making them closely resemble dune buggies.

    Why should I consider getting an off road go kart?

    Simply put, driving an off road go kart is a great deal of fun. Because they don't get to the top speeds of dune buggies, they are a little safer than buggies, too. Of course, safety precautions should always be taken since off road go karts are typically driven on uneven terrain and at speeds higher than a motorbike. It is possible to become injured while driving or riding in one of these karts, just as it is in any moving vehicle.

    However, off road go karts are generally a lot of fun to both drive and ride in as a passenger. Their small engines (typically either 150cc or 250cc) offer more climbing ability than you would think. Additionally, it is possible to reach speeds of up to 40 mph to 50 mph in one of these karts. Many karts come equipped with CVT automatic transmission, which switches between different ratios automatically so as to offer the best in climbing ability and in top speeds as is necessary.

    Prices for off road go karts are often quite cheaper than prices of dune buggies or other similar types of vehicles. Since go karts aren't just for kids anymore, why not give one a try?

    Do you want to build an off road go kart It's easier than you think! Save your time and energy searching the internet looking for off road go kart plans and take a look at my plans of choice (click on the blue link). You'll get an excellent quality buggy for a great price and most importantly you'll save time by not having to scour through the junk that's out there! Drive safely

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