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The Values of Learning to Drive

Katherine Jackman

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Our experiences help us to develop and refine skills and abilities that we can use throughout our lives. Learning to read and write sets us up to communicate while mathematics helps us to see things from a logical perspective. When we get older we learn new skills, like a language or something more practical. The most common on the latter is probably learning to drive. This particular skill can open up your world and give you options that you didn’t have before. With a licence you can travel as far as you like, enjoy new freedoms and pursue new job opportunities. Like riding a bike, it’s the sort of thing that you never forget.

While driving is a valuable life skill in its own right, the disciplines that you develop while learning are applicable to other day to day experiences.


Learning to drive means that you have to become more patient, because keeping calm is ultimately the best way to stay safe on the road. While learning to drive can be intimidating, especially when you’re having to contend with other motorists that don’t always show patience and understanding themselves, it can also be a great opportunity to develop your patience and ability to remain calm under tense and high pressure situations.

Patience is an incredibly valuable quality that can help to improve the quality of your communications and relationships elsewhere in your life. For example, you can utilise this ability in the workplace to keep your head above water when things get tough.


Driving requires that you’re always paying attention and that you are quick to react in the event of something going wrong. To pass your test successfully, you need to be able to display that you are attentive and receptive to your surroundings, and any good instructor will ensure that these skills are properly developed throughout your training. Once you’ve passed, you should be able to anticipate various outcomes while on the road and be prepared to deal with any of them, from someone running out onto the road or a car door opening as you approach head on.

If you can navigate the road and keep your head, you can do anything. Your newfound awareness to your environment can be more useful than you might think.


Many people end up turning their driving skill into something more lucrative. Rather than using their licence to get to work, they turn their licence into work and become driving instructors. Unlike more academic subjects, the only requirement you need to become a driving instructor is the ability to drive, although it certainly helps that you’re also patient and able to handle high pressure situations that you’re likely to experience with student drivers.

What really matters is experience and capability. If you have a knack for driving, becoming an instructor means that you can pass your experience and understanding on to someone else and provide them with a more positive learning experience. All you have to do is register for a driving instructor course.

If this sounds like the job for you, there are several driving schools throughout the country that can help you make the transition and become your own boss. Companies like Clearway Driving School offers driving lessons and driving instructor training in Hartlepool and other locations in the North East.


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