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Are hybrid-cars eco-friendly?

Leah Spencer

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Eco – friendly cars are cars that run with a fuel source either being electricity or combination of both hydrogen – based fuel and electricity. Hybrid cars are no longer a thing far which is far from reality. Hybrid cars are of best use for short distance drives unlike in the case of gasoline cars which are suitable for long distance drives. Hybrid cars eliminate the use of gasoline as a fuel source which is a pollutant.

So, As a matter of fact, hybrid cars are indeed eco – friendly. Not only because of the type of fuel are being used, there other reasons for hybrid cars to be eco – friendly cars. Here are a few reasons for substantiating the fact that a hybrid car is an eco – friendly car.

Hybrid cars reduce the dependency on other countries for foreign oil.

  • * Both the fuels, electricity and hydrogen based fuel are low cost sources
  • * Hydrogen and electricity fuels contribute less to carbon foot prints on the earth thus making the driver of the hybrid car be a go green person!
  • * Also eco – friendly cars are continuously re – designed and updated with more emphasis being on reducing waste and pollution
  • * With such updations and improvements, hybrid cars need less maintenance when compared to the conventional gasoline vehicles
  • * It gives a better mileage compared to gasoline cars. It saves of more than one – third of the spending on gasoline
  • * Hybrid cars consume exploit minimum amount of the natural resources that emit Carbon- di – oxide. Carbon – di – oxide emission are more in the case of fossil fuel
  • * Some countries offer a tax break for driving a hybrid car. But not all hybrid cars enjoy tax break, but majority of the cars are availed with a tax – break
  • * Some of the hybrid cars come with an option of re – cycling the interior of cars after some time of usage. This reduces the level of deforestation for producing such interiors and thus limits the habitat destruction in forests
  • * Under the prevailing energy crisis all across globe, it is no distant dream of seeing the world running out of gasoline.

    Hybrid are supposed to b the best alternative for such non – renewable energy source

  • * Hybrid cars limit the emission of sulphur and carbon which are more in conventional gasoline cars. This contributes to a greener and cleaner environment. The toxic emission is reduce to as much as 97% with the use of hybrid cars
  • * The components used environmental – friendly cars are less heavy than the traditional cars’ components.

    This enables easy handling of the vehicle and they maneuver better performance.

  • * Hybrid cars run on electricity they enable functioning of the car consistent regardless of the speed. Unlike gasoline cars, hybrid cars do not require transmission for the engine run at full force, even at lesser speeds.

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