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Driving tips to be more fuel efficient


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Paying for petrol can be a costly endeavour, which is why fuel efficiency is becoming an increasingly important consideration for car buyers. But did you know that the way you drive can impact how much petrol you use?

Many modern vehicles today are built with fuel efficiency in mind, such as hybrid and even electric cars. However, even if you’re driving an older model, you can still save dollars at the pump by adopting some of these fuel efficient driving habits:

- Get rid of the weight – the heavier the load, the more work it takes to move it. Empty your trunk of excess weight and take down roof racks and tow bars if you’re not using them – every kilo counts.
- Check your tyres – underinflated tyres can really decrease the efficiency of your car’s energy use. If you’re keen to do more, you can switch to low rolling resistance tyres which can help boost your fuel economy even further.
- Stay tuned – keep your car well maintained. This means changing the oil, cleaning your filters and making sure you get your engine checked regularly. A well-kept machine works more efficiently and will require less effort to run.
- Avoid Idling – waiting for someone to duck into the shop? Turn off the engine instead of idling to save on fuel. Just 10 seconds of idling uses more petrol than restarting the engine.
- Use Cruise Control – if your vehicle comes with this feature, use cruise control for freeway driving. You’ll be maintaining a more constant speed, which means you’re engine won’t be working as hard.
- Slow down – as your speed increases, your engine becomes much less efficient, especially if you tend to accelerate and decelerate quickly.
- Combine your trips – taking many frequent short drives burns through your fuel quickly. Plan your outings to cover multiple errands to reduce your trips - it’ll save you time not to mention money at the pump.

With car loans , maintenance costs, registration and parking, owning a vehicle can cost a pretty penny and you’ll be happy to get every cent out of your petrol. By taking on board these small behavioural changes, you can start making some small savings that will really add up in the long run.


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