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Thinking about Switching to Diesel?


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You may have pulled into the service station, bought your petrol and noticed that diesel is still available. During the 1970s and 80s, diesel cars were regarded to be negative because they polluted the air with smog, were very noisy and did not save money for drivers.

Today, with technological improvements on car engines, the environmental and economic benefits of diesel are beginning to be appreciated. Go to a car dealer and you will find out an extensive range of car models that offer diesel engines.

The major difference between a diesel and a petrol car is that petrol engines require a spark initiation to burn the petrol fuel, whereas heat is compressed in a diesel engine to start burning fuel. Diesels engines are not as powerful so they do not have the instant acceleration capabilities that petrol engines have but diesel cars have greater torque than other cars. This means it has considerable strength in accelerating when fitted with a tow or heavy weight.

Diesel car engines are more fuel efficient than petrol engines because diesel releases more energy per litre than petrol does. The life of a diesel engine is likely to be double that of a petrol engine. Also as diesel engines have no spark plugs or wires, maintenance costs can be reduced.

Diesel engines burn less fuel per kilometre than petrol engines, which means less carbon dioxide is emitted for the same distance. Diesel exhaust does contain poisonous gases including nitrogen oxide, yet, car manufacturers are fitting catalytic exhaust filters to capture harmful particles to prevent their emission into the atmosphere. If you are an environmentally concerned driver, please consider hybrid diesel cars. They are powered with the combination of diesel fuel and electric batteries.

Typically, diesel cars have a more expensive price tag than petrol run cars. However, as the gap between petrol and diesel is narrowing, you will save money at the petrol station because a diesel car uses less fuel for the same distance than a petrol car as aforementioned.

With some great car deals available plus the environmental and economic benefits, now is a fantastic time to switch to a diesel car. There are even car finance businesses that can help you own your dream diesel jeep or sedan through auto loans.

Auto loans are an advantage if paying monthly is more affordable for you. Certain lenders offer auto loans even if you have had a bad credit history, so they can help to bring your credit rating up again.

Diesel cars are very much part of the future car industry so keep your options open to diesel when purchasing your next car.

If you’re thinking about a diesel car for your next vehicle, check online to find a number of great car finance options. You could qualify to have to your loan application approved quickly and easily, no matter what your credit history.


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