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Risky Driving Practices To Avoid


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When you drive on the road, it does not take long before you witness someone participating in dangerous driving practices. It may be a result of a lack of proper education in safe driving techniques or just downright recklessness, on the driver's part. Either way, people who participate in risky driving practices endanger themselves, other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and you.

There are numerous reasons that a driver may not be a ‘good driver’. In many cases, new drivers that lack experience and proper education are the problem. This is not to say that people who have been driving a long time are perfect drivers, they may have poor judgment and driving skills.

Sometimes, someone who has been licensed for a while by assert overconfidence in their abilities to maneuver a car. For instance, a driver that has been licensed for years and has be taking the same route everyday may think that they can stop paying as close attention to surroundings. It takes a few seconds for something terrible or unexpected to occur. Let us review some of the common, dangerous driving practices.

People speed when driving; at one point or another. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to drive at excessive speeds in residential and school zones. Posted speed limits are not suggestions; they are the law and necessary safety precautions. Sometimes, drivers drive too slow on highways, which can cause other faster drivers to make sudden adjustments and turns that could cause life-threatening accidents.

A recent controversy is the use of mobile phones while driving. Sure, mobile phones are great to keep in touch with work associates, friends, and family, but it is difficult to drive with your eyes on the road. When people are pressing numbers and text messages on their phone, one hand has to be free and the eyes averted from the road ahead. Drivers are better off with hands-free mobile phones than mobile phones that require the user to hold it up to the ear; Bluetooth and speaker features are especially helpful.

Applying makeup or eating food while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is a just as bad as mobile phone use. It may be tempting to multitask, it should not take priority over the safety of other drivers, yourself, and nearby pedestrians. It is difficult to pay attention to your surroundings if you are focusing on less urgent tasks. Some people like to use their knee-thigh areas to hold a steering wheel in place while freeing up their hands to do other tasks.

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