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Car colors - a lovely way to decorate your garage


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People often forget t think about various aspects like style and taste before choosing a color of a car. Community pressure and financial condition are two aspects that the consumer is influenced by most. The law of attraction to cars states that when a car is colored in a bright color, more people will want to own it. Has anyone noticed how sports cars are always red in color or they were so last decade at least. One dealer brought this to everyone?s attention.

Red and black are the most common colors but keep in mind that bright colors sell the fastest. Malaysia was the first place where the trend of yellow cars started. The flashy and the conservative are the two groups of car buyers.

People are getting heavily influenced by new car magazines. It is not surprising to see only 20 % of the crowd being flashy. The bigger cars sell faster if they are in shades that are dark and the smaller cars in shades of lighter colors.

To make sure that cars disguise their sizes, dark colors are required. For example, Mercedes. Black cars have a special kind of authority around it.

You will find that most people have no clue when you ask them about the shades of black but this is an important factor to the owner of the car. The personality of the car depicts the buyers own one.

If you notice carefully you will see that blue cars are attention seekers while silver cars try to blend in. If you are looking for a color to define the lass you exude then blue black is the color.

Psychiatrists have this to say of the various color choices on the road. Any shade of black is an indication that the owner is an ambitious one on the other hand red means that the owner is more youthful in his approach, is powerful and loves action. Notice that all responsible people like doctors like to have cars that are white in color and those who like to be very cautious while driving buy grey.

Liking blue colored cars means that the person is very sociable but he has absolutely no way of being innovative. Orange can be a color of strength but it also has its positive indications of joy, laughter and friendliness. People who like the color yellow are the ones who are really wise and have a question for everything. When someone likes the color green in cars this indicates that he is a very modest person. The color of Gold can only be represented as silent and protected.

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