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Driving Around With Children


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As the world becomes more populated and the friends that we grew up with start having children of their own, we will be forced to deal with an entirely new set of parents on the roadway.

These parents will be multi-tasking between not only transporting their kids around but also playing around with the various gadgets and devices in their vehicles while driving.

It wasn't that long ago that we heard about the horrific story involving the New York woman who was driving on the wrong side of the road and wound up killing her daughter and several other children whom she was taking back home. Additionally, there are numerous reports that have been surfacing on a daily basis where an adult is involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident involving children due to the fact that he or she was texting, talking on the phone or playing with some device in the car. But, what is it going to take before people REALLY realize that whenever you are transporting children around (or even when you are alone), your focus on the road should be your number one priority?

I'm not sure what driver's education lessons/instructors/classes are teaching nowadays, but perhaps they need to incorporate a few lessons on driving with other people and small children in the car. Understandably, if you are a new parent who is preparing to climb behind the wheel of your car for the first time with your own child in the back seat, there may be a certain degree of expected anxiety. It is for this reason that you may want to ride with another adult for the first couple of days or weeks- just until you become more acclimated and comfortable with driving on your own. To some, this idea may sound outrageous or even ridiculous, but is it really? It is simply not worth taking the chance if you don't trust yourself enough to stay focused when you are driving. All it takes is a split second- that very split second in which you turn your head to glance back at the baby in your back seat- for another motorist or pedestrian to collide with your car.

As your children grow older and a bit more rambunctious, you may want to incorporate some toys or other devices that act as detractors or things that will distract them. To this end, parents have gotten creative with things such as DVD players that attach to the backs of the seats in their cars to even going so far as to purchase vehicles with built-in DVD players. Additionally, it is also a good idea to pack plenty of healthy (safe) snacks. Avoid food or toys that come with plastic wrappers or which, if thrown, could injure you or others while you are driving.

If you have older children, make sure that they know the rules about driving with Mom or Dad before they even step foot in the car. This same concept also applies to friends of your children. If you can help it, limit driving to shorter trips or when taking longer trips, make more frequent stops in order to allow your children to run off some of their energy. It will make travel much more safe and enjoyable!

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