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Cars on the Road


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Lately, the traffic near where my boyfriend has gotten so bad that we now don't even bother to venture out until rush hour is over or until we know that it is safe to go out in our cars. When we do have to run an errand and we don't have a choice but to do it during rush hour, it is all that we can do to not want to resort to screaming and using our vehicles as a plow to remove all of the other vehicles from in front of us.

I attribute the increased number of vehicles on the roadways where we live to the fact that a significant number of people have moved into this immediate area within the past couple of years. The reason for this is due to our geographic location to the Research Triangle of North Carolina where many Americans from across the United States have relocated themselves and their families in order to secure a job in a state where the cost of living isn't through the roof (at least not yet). While it is great that the area is able to provide so many opportunities to those who are seeking jobs, this does not mean that it has made it any easier to commute to work or even to travel around town. In fact, it has gotten to the point now where you really cannot go out at any time of the day without encountering a significant amount of traffic. At least once every two weeks, either my boyfriend or I witness a traffic accident in the area where we live. While some may say that the traffic accidents around here are due to inattention, it seems as if a large number of the accidents are due to both inattention, lack of driving skills and overcrowding.

People who are in a rush to get home, to get their kids to their soccer practice, to grab a bite to eat or to do something else entirely are not paying enough attention to the traffic signals and/or other drivers around them. They are exercising poor judgment left and right and as a result, they are becoming involved in more traffic accidents. Part of the problem may also be due to the traffic signals. There is still a problem with the traffic signal just outside of our apartment complex in that it takes forever to change. People have wisened up and have gotten to the point now where when they see that it is clear to go, they simply make their turn without waiting for the light to change. Another part of the problem is that due to the fact that the area we live in was largely undeveloped until recently, there are a lot of things that haven't been put in place or which are still being adjusted. The traffic signals are just one small part of the issue. Up until a few months ago, the roadways were being expanded and paved to accommodate the sudden increase in motorists who were traveling back and forth to Research Triangle Park.

I would like to say that the problem has gotten better, but alas, it has not. In addition to the expanded roadways and traffic signals, I have also noticed A LOT of new construction in the area. Ironically, within the past year, three of my friends and their families have moved to within a five mile radius of where I currently live due to the upcoming area and affordable living.

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