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Loud Cars


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Have you ever stopped at a red light and had another car pull up beside you with the music blaring so loudly that you thought for sure that your windows would break? Depending on where you live, you will find that this is often the case with young people or with people of different ethnic makeups. Another problem involves loud engines or engines without the proper muffler

As the name implies, a muffler is supposed to muffle or suppress the sound that your car's engine makes while you are driving it. However, for whatever reason, there are some people (usually males) who feel that it would be nice to have their mufflers on their cars and/or motorcycles removed and replaced instead with an after market muffler that does anything but muffle their vehicle's noise.

Depending on the neighborhood that you live in, after market mufflers are not allowed as they disturb other people and cause a lot of racket. Legally, after market mufflers are not allowed in the state of North Carolina if they cause unnecessary noise or racket that is distracting or disturbing to the general population. When I was in the police department, you would often see vehicles with after market mufflers pulled over and cited and/or seized due to the noise and disturbance that it caused people. More popular are motorcycles. Contrary to what many people may believe, motorcycles are not meant to be excessively loud. Sure, motorcyclists may rev their engines unnecessarily to annoy other people, but overall, they are not supposed to be loud machines. So, why is it then that you come across so many motorcycles that are noisy and seem to have souped up engines? For whatever reason, many motorcyclists like the sound of a loud engine as it may add more excitement or add to their image. However, motorcyclists beware. There is a growing number of apartment complexes and residential communities that do not actually allow motorcycles to be housed there.

In one town home community that I lived in, owning a motorcycle was fine. However, motorcycles were not allowed to be stored in nor driven in the community due to the unnecessary noise and disturbance that it seemed to cause so many residents. Therefore, when the community plans were being drawn up, it was written in the rules that no motorcycles and/or motorized scooters were allowed in the area. At first, I remember feeling that that wasn't really fair to do. However, at the same time, I understood where the thought process came from. I remembered my own little brother back home in New York who would sit in the driveway with his motorcycle continually revving the engine while he smirked at my mother, simply because he knew it would annoy her. She would then lecture him about it when he would come home- stating that he wasn't being very considerate of the neighbors when he did things like that.

Whether you own a car or a motorcycle or some other type of vehicle with a loud engine, you should consider the feelings of those around you. Think of something that would really annoy you if someone else were to do it, and then reconsider what you might be doing to disturb others.

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