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Advantages of Buying your MINI from a MINI Dealership


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The Mini is a fantastic car with an interesting, very illustrious history. Even so, it was some years back that it was almost lost forever. Only to be seen in car collections. The surging price of gasoline along with several modern upgrades though have now brought the incredible Mini back into the limelight and in fact it's fast becoming a status symbol.

The Mini Holds its Resale Value

The fact that the Mini has been rated among the list of the top cars to hold their resale value the best hasn't hurt it either. Of course all cars do depreciate in time but the Mini simply holds onto its value so much longer than countless other domestic and foreign models that can lose a major percentage of their value by simply driving them off the lot.

Buying Your Mini From a Mini Dealership or Private Party

So now you're faced with the quandary of where to buy your Mini. Should you go scouting about, bargaining with private parties or head on down to a Mini dealership. So just what are the advantages of buying your Mini from a Mini dealership, versus a private party. After all, who hasn't heard of someone who at some time found the deal of a lifetime through some unwitting private party.

Ten Bad Deals for Every One Great Deal

The fact is that for every deal of a lifetime like this, there are ten screw-jobs of a lifetime being handed out. The reason you never hear of them is simply because people don't run around crowing when they get screwed over in the same way that they do when they score on a great deal.

A Used Car that Has Been Inspected & Repaired

So the fact is that for the used car shopper, buying your Mini from a Mini dealership holds several advantages that you may want to look into. For instance a used Mini dealer will inspect and make repairs to a vehicle prior to putting it out on the lot. Used car dealers value their public reputation and aren't going to trash what they have earned over one car sale.

Get the Exact Car you Have in Mind

Choices and options are one more of the many advantage of buying your Mini from a Mini dealership. If they don't have what you're looking for on their lot, they can instantly check with other dealers even nationally, to find exactly the car that you are looking for. Hey why compromise when you don't have to?

Only Dealers Offer these Perks

Still one more benefit, is that a dealer can customize your Mini to your specifications and include it in on your financing package. Alarm and sound systems, as well as custom rims and tires can be fitted on at the dealer and you won't be stuck with multiple payments. Also all dealers will have a list of warranties to choose from that can protect you from being financially hammered in the event of a breakdown.

Financing Packages

Financing is another area where you're better off going to a dealer to purchase your Mini. Some dealers today even offer their own financing but those would be the used Mini dealers. The sales manager at a local dealership can get on the phone and quickly negotiate the best financing deal possible for you through one of the finance companies that they regularly do business with.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Stephen James, award winning MINI Dealerships across London. Visit the website to find out more.


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