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Avoid Car Accidents In Winter


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Driving a car is a careful business no matter what time of year it is, but there are certain things about winter weather that necessitates even more awareness from drivers. Hazardous weather, from heavy snow to thick ice, can make driving a tricky business even if you live in a major town so make sure you're ready to take on the winter streets this year by preparing yourself for winter risks beforehand.

There are a number of aspects of driving that you can practise before the winter months roll around so that you are better prepared for bad conditions. For example, if you can find a disused or empty area, like a car park or patch of waste ground, and practise skidding, your reflexes will be sharpened when it comes to the crunch.

Loose steering is another technique that can prove very useful on the winter roads. This is for when you find yourself skidding on ice - rather than tightening up and jerking the wheel to try and regain control, you are better loosening your grip and gently easing the wheels in the direction you need.

One of the most noticeable things about driving in the winter is the change in light levels in comparison with the warmer months. As the days shorten you'll find that there are fewer and fewer daylight hours for you to drive in and remembering to switch your headlights on when you settle behind the steering wheel on a dreary morning is an invaluable start to your day.

Knowing when best to make use of your headlights is very important, for example using your fog lights when it's not sufficiently foggy can be a danger to other drivers but so is neglecting to turn your headlights on if it's a particularly dark afternoon. Make sure you keep your headlights clean and free of dirt so that they will be effective when you need them most.

Once you're on the road, if the conditions are icy or slushy then you want to make sure you're driving with extra due care and attention - a good rule of thumb in adverse weather is to make sure that, as well as paying attention to the car in front of you, you're taking the cars three or four positions in front into account too.

The adverse weather conditions mean that car accident claims go up in winter, but by preparing well you can minimise your risks.

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