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No-Go For Drunk Driving


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Alcohol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, this affects the brain and impairs driving ability. The only safe way is not to drink if you are driving!

There has been a significant success in reducing the number of people killed in drink drive related collisions over the last 15 years, yet drink driving remains a serious, life threatening issue.

A recent estimate stated that around 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured on our roads each year. Plus, it is probably of no surprise to you that the highest number of fatalities are motorcyclists. Current figures have shown that there has been a large increase in young riders killed who have been over the specified alcohol limit.

We have all witnessed the television adverts, which use the shock tactics in the hope that people will digest the dangers of drink driving, yet it still continues. It is the irresponsible behaviour of some individuals that not only puts their lives at risk but also those motorists who are totally innocent. Unfortunately, drink drivers have greatly contributed to the rise in car insurance premiums. Premiums have had to be substantially increased over the years to cover the claims resulting from drink driving related incidents.

However, there is a revolutionary piece of technology that could dramatically reduce the number of drink driving related incidences. Its name is the “Alcolock". It is an alcohol activated vehicle immobiliser!

Prior to starting a vehicle the person sitting in the drivers seat must breathe into the tube. The tube is connected to a breath analyser, which is part of the vehicle's ignition. If the device detects the alcohol level as being above the agreed amount, the vehicle will not start.

Many states in the US and Canada have already introduced the Alcolock, using it partly as a substitute for the suspension of a driving licence and partly as a preventative measure. It has also shown to have helped reduced the number of known drink drivers re-offending.

The Alcolock has also been tested in Europe and Sweden. Sweden, who is a leader in car safety, will be fitting the device to all new cars in a voluntary code which involves all Swedish car manufacturers. By 2012 it will be compulsory for all the country's new commercial vehicles to be fitted with the device. With this in mind it is hoped that the rest of Europe with take note of Sweden's lead and have the device fitted into all new cars.

Like all new technology, there have been teething problems. It was reported that one tester in Sweden had to blow into the machine 76 times before the machine would allow the ignition to start - and to make things more frustrating, the tester had not touched a drop of alcohol! Therefore it is imperative, that the manufacturers must be absolutely sure, that the equipment is totally reliable before launching it onto the market.

We understand that this raises issues on people's rights as stressed by the Association for British Drivers. However, if preventative measures can be taken, then surely they should. After all, the lives of fellow road users are at risk and they also have rights. offers great deals on loans , mortgages and other financial products. Visit our site for more info that's car-insurance-park.

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