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Classic Cars Are Not the Same As Antiques


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Classic cars are a popular collectible that appeals to car enthusiasts and antique dealers. There are many things that factor in to making a car a classic. The definition of a true classic remains one of those things that many people constantly disagree on. You can ask a dozen different people what they feel defines a car as classic and you will likely get that many different answers. An antique car is not the same as a classic though so it's best to gather as much information as you can when determining what makes a classic a classic.

The term “classic" is a very broad term that differs among resources. Even dictionaries have different answers for this definition. Of course, that can make it incredibly difficult to form your own opinion when all of the reliable sources can't agree. We all know that a classic is something that has earned a certain level of status. Age often plays into this as well.

According to the Classic Car Club of America, a classic automobile is one that was manufactured between 1925 and 1948. However, there are other groups and websites that refer to these cars as vintage so you may need to seek out more than one opinion. Many insurance companies define a classic car as one that is at least twenty years old or older. The insurance company's definition might be your best bet for getting a straight answer.

A classic car rarely has anything to do with the make and model of the car. It is often based solely on age. Any car can be a classic if it is old enough and maintained in a way that retains some of its original value. Age is the primary point when it comes to classic, antique or vintage cars. If you are interested in buying a classic car, have the age and all other necessary information proven with the appropriate legal documents.

There are some states that consider a car to be a classic if it is fifteen years old. Many automotive enthusiasts do not agree with this definition citing that fifteen years is not enough to make a car a classic. This is something that could be controversial when it comes to insuring a car of that age. This is another reason why you should take the time to consult an expert in classic cars before purchasing or insuring one.

Because of the sticky situation involved in defining a classic car, many enthusiasts believe they should be separated into two different categories. A modern classic is not at all the same as a true classic. A car that is almost one hundred years old certainly is not the same class of classic that a car twenty-five years old would be. There needs to be better clarification regarding these details.

Seeking out an expert on classic cars is a good idea when it comes to investing in one. You need to know exactly what you are getting. The advice that you can get from an expert is priceless and could save you plenty of money and hassle in the long run.

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classic cars are not the same as antiques

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