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Electric Truck Conversion - Tips to Build an Electric Truck


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Many people are considering retrofitting their gasoline driven gas car into electric. Many car owners are finding it increasingly expensive to fuel their car due to the high gasoline prices. The effect is compounded due to the inefficiency of an internal combustion engine. One option to free us from dependency on fossil fuel is to use an alternative energy source for our car such as electricity. Car enthusiasts have been converting car to run purely on electricity. If you are planning to retrofit your vehicle into electric, why not consider a truck. This article will highlight the advantages of an electric truck conversion.

The idea of an electric truck conversion is to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. When the engine is gone, all its associated parts such as gasoline tank, radiator, exhaust pipe and fuel distribution lines have no usage and to be removed as well. The electric motor is to be attached to the transmission via a customized coupling plate. To power the motor, a series of batteries is used. An average electric vehicle would need about 20 units of batteries. This is where choosing a truck would be advantages. A truck has a flatbed at the back and is great for storing the battery packs. It is not impossible to store all the batteries in a sedan, but it is challenging and you would have to make multiple battery racks. Using a truck, fixing the wiring, checking and maintaining the batteries are also easier.

If you are looking for ways to cut your gasoline expense bill, consider driving an electric car. If you are well versed with car components, you can do your own electric vehicle conversion via a Do It Yourself (DIY) project. To get started, there are many electric car conversion guides that you can purchase from the web.

Are high gasoline prices stresses you out? Why not consider driving an Electric Truck. Experience the cost saving benefits of an electric vehicle by exploring Electric Truck Conversion Guides . Download the first preview chapter of "Build Your Own Electric Car" e-book at


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Build an Electric Car - Why Electric Cars Are the Wave of the Future
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