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Car Impound Auctions


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All types of people just seem to love cars. They are searching for new deals and bargains on them-whether it be bargaining at a dealership for the best price, or get the best price from the used car salesman while checking for oil leak, people still love getting deals on cars.

A great price can be obtained at impound auctions. Local and state authorities may offer these cars available ripe for the picking. Buying these at an auction can be like robbing the candy store.

How are these automobiles obtained? More often than not, the police impound cars that a criminal owned or used in a criminal act. An example of this is when authorities take all of a drug dealer's. This means a a great deal of used cars that are available through the city or state government. These often high end, accessory laden, expensive cars can be up for grabs at extremely low prices.

Another way cars can come into the hands of authorities, is being impounded for minor crimes such as traffic tickets or parking tickets. These will be kept until the owner claims the vehicle, or fines are paid. If the vehicle remains unclaimed or the fines accumulate to a certain point, the car will be sold.

The cars before mentioned can end up in the hands of sellers in various ways, which in turn resell them to a consumer. Sometimes, the cars are sold straight to dealerships which either sell them on the lot or auction them off. At other times, auto auctions can obtain the cars and make a profit selling them to whoever places the highest bid.

Eventually, the car is sold to a consumer for either the highest bid or a low price. It can be a great deal for a careful, observant person to obtain these cars from an auction. The not so wise observer, however may end up with a lemon.

Be aware cars like these generally are sold with no warranty. It can be what you see is what you get or what you're ignorant of can kill you. The common label for this in the auto industry is, “as is. "

Sellers can get away with puffery or making non specific positive claims about the automobile. This can be engaging in using careful descriptions that do not let on to the actual condition of the auto. These statements include “clean" or “in great condition, " or conning someone into buying it due to its appearance. These statements can trick people into buying a not-so-good auto. Closer examination might find the dealer is “pulling their leg. "

The wise thing to do is go in with knowledge and expertise. examine the cars closely and look for obvious problems. This can mean attending the auction with an expert and test driving the vehicle if the auction offers it.

Keep your eyes open and make sure to check out those “special deals" thoroughly. Make sure that auction deal is the best deal money can buy.

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