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Modding Mercs - Performance Tuning Your Mercedes-Benz


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When you think of high class vehicles typically you'll think of expensive prestige cars made by Mercedes-Benz after all they are among the most popular choice for wedding cars in the UK as well as being the most popular executive car brand on both sides of the Atlantic.

The trouble is if you are a Mercedes owner you don't want your expensive car to be associated with being a slow car at the same time. This is why Mercedes-Benz may make fantastic cars from their factory but many other companies are affiliated with them to provide sportier or more powerful versions of the popular models.

These companies such as Brabus make tuned up versions of Mercedes cars that either provide more power and speed or look radically different from their stock counterparts. Many of them will have customised body kits, wheel trims or interior styling that warrants an extra couple of thousand on top of the already impressive price tag.

The majority of the cars that get reworked by customising outfits are the CL and S class cars or convertibles. They can be entry level models but invariably many of the more impressive modifications are done to customize SLR-Class, the version of the SL model that was reworked by Formula 1 giants McLaren. This is the top of the range car that Mercedes does and the fact that a F1 team have worked on it makes it the meanest street car on the road!

If you can't quite afford the £300,000 price tag of an SLR then maybe you could squeeze out similar power with various Mercedes-Benz tuning parts like new Limited Slip Differentials are well known for helping improve the handling and driving in the wet for many Mercedes models.

Mercedes Benz models are also popular for people looking to install custom ECU chips or uprating their current ones to provide more torque even if it means increased fuel usage. To get that earth shattering roar of the SLR you could look into an exhaust and intake refit, as well as giving you extra power form the top end of your rev range it has the added bonus of sounding terrifying to the other car so on the road.

So Mercedes tuning is popular for almost any facet of your car's performance and look, so go ahead and look around for the parts that will give your car that extra edge on the other drivers on the road.

If you're interested in Mercedes Tuning then you should check out some Mercedes-Benz pictures to get some inspiration for the look of your car. Then there's all the Customize SLR-class parts that can help you get a little more out of one of the fastest formula one cars masquerading as a street car!


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The Evolution Process Of Mercedes Benz
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