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How Can You Improve Gas Mileage? 4 Solid Tips to Go Further


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How can you improve gas mileage? This is the question on the tips of tongues of millions of people around the world as recessionary fears mean that we need to save every penny and make the most of what we have. In this article, I'll share with you some great tips for improving your gas mileage and stretching how far each gallon will take you.

Drive At A Consistent Speed

Don't drive like a youngster and be continually going from slow to fast, slow to fast. This is very inefficient and you will burn a lot of gas this way.

Use Overdrive Gears

If your car has an overdrive gear then use it. That is what it is there for. You'll get better mileage and also reduce the wear on your engine.

Remove Excess Weight

Take a look at your car and ask yourself if you are carrying anything needlessly. Perhaps you have stuff stowed in the trunk for when you are travelling far. Do you really need this stuff for town driving?

This advice goes for you too! If you are obese then consider losing weight. A normal weighted person will get about 2% minimum better fuel economy compared to a severely overweight person.

Correct Tyre Pressures

Underinflated tyres can mean greater rolling resistance and therefore higher fuel consumption. Not only do you get better mileage for having correct tyre pressures but it is also much safer.

Alternative Supplemental Hybrid Fuel

Consider investing in an HHO generator. What looks like water in a jar can actually improve your fuel economy by 20% and pay for itself within a month. As the recession kicks in, hundreds of municipal departments are converting entire car fleets to run as hybrids.

Discover how one small change to your car can improve gas mileage, reduce engine wear and boost power by clicking here: Improve Gas Mileage .

how can you improve gas mileage

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What Can I Do to My Engine to Improve Gas Mileage? - Practical Tips
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