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Questions For Purchasing Used Cars


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Buying a car can be a painful or joyful experience. When a used car buyer meanders on to a car lot or web site and simply picks out what they like, asks the price, and buys the car. . . . they are usually going to find a painful experience follows. The buyer armed with knowledge and prepared questions for purchasing used cars, will generally ensure they get exactly what they want, at exactly the price they want it.

Before you begin, you should be prepared to know the market value of used cars. The best way to know this is by using “Kelly's Blue Book. " It will give you a guideline on if a car is overpriced and help you determine some of the questions for purchasing used cars. Also, you should have a set budget on what your price range is.

Now you are prepared to start shopping. There are plenty of questions for purchasing used cars. Your individual situation may add some questions to this list, but here are some basics:

1. Is this a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle? CPO's are dealer certified to be, “good as new. "

2. How much are you asking for the vehicle? The wording is key here. Be sure to say, “asking" or “wanting. " Those terms signal that you know the price is negotiable for buying a used vehicle . This is where your Blue Book comes in handy! In the flip of a page, you will know if the car is priced fairly.

3. How many miles are on the vehicle and what year is it? Divide the total mileage by age of the car and you will know how many miles per year has been put on the car. The average person puts between 10,000 and 15,000 miles per year on their vehicle.

4. What is the history of the vehicle and do you have the service records on it? You may have to be specific and ask: how many owners, has it ever had body work or been wrecked, has it ever had any internal or part repairs, why did the owner sell it, have the air bags ever been deployed, etc. . ? A seller is not going to divulge information, if you don't ask.

5. How many miles per gallon does the vehicle get and is the vehicle diesel or gas? This can be especially important if you are changing from a car to SUV.

6. What features does the car have and are all of them working to specifications? This question will tell you if the vehicle has any of the extra amenities like- airbags, air conditioning, CD player, DVD player, GPS, etc.

7. Is the vehicle under warranty and is there an extended warranty option?

8. Can I test drive the vehicle and bring it to my personal mechanic? Answers to the mechanical questions you ask when buying a used vehicle should be validated by a professional.

9. What are the typical insurance rates for this make and model?

10. Have there been any manufactory recalls on this vehicle?

Lastly, questions for purchasing used cars should be asked with confidence. Do not let a seller evade the questions. Don't worry about offending the seller, worry about offending your pocketbook. You have the right to know what it is you are buying and if it is something that you will be happy owning. The only way to know is to ask.

Gary Pearson is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

To learn more about purchasing used cars , please visit Used Cars Blog for current articles and discussions.


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