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Convert Your Car Into an Electric - How You Can Reduce Driving Expenses With an Electric Car


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The price of living nowadays is very costly. From food to medicine to utilities, the rates in exchange for the best products and services have become sky - high. It's not a big deal if you are single and you make a minimum of twenty thousand bucks a month but what if it's the opposite? A car, which is an advantage for a working person will be very difficult to maintain. The high cost of maintenance and fuel makes it a heavy burden nowadays.

Good thing, the idea of electric car conversion emerged. This is the process of customizing a regular gasoline - consuming car into something that runs on electricity.

Most of the electric cars that run on streets nowadays are made not by car companies but by individuals like you and me. It is made in sidewalks, backyards, garages, parks and even streets. With conventional tools and a few hundred dollars, anyone can build an electric car.

Numerous web sites like offer tips and ideas for those who are just starting to be familiar with electric cars. Other sites like offer DIY or do-it-yourself electric car guides. They also provide links to other sites that offer best deals for parts and other things that a person, who is planning an electric car conversion, needs.

Aside from the cost, what are the other reasons why one must build an electric car?

One reason is that electric cars are naturally friendly. They literally produce no emissions because electricity doesn't need a chemical reaction in order to turn the car's wheels. This is why electric vehicles are also ZEVs or zero emission vehicles. On the other hand, conventional cars emit harmful pollutants every time they run. This is one of the leading causes of smog and other forms of air pollution. These in turn can lead to various environmental issues.

The other main reason is that electric cars are almost quiet. These make it desirable for drivers who don't like noise. The near silence of an electric car is caused by the absence of the internal - combustion engine which is very noisy when it is running.

On the outside, converted electric cars appear the same as a conventional gas - guzzler. But once you open the hood, the distinction is very noticeable. The internal - combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor. Some of the more commonly used motors are the series wound DC motor, the advanced DC and the Warp lines of motors. It only depends on your preferences. The electric motors are connected to controllers which are connected to the rechargeable batteries. There are many different kinds of batteries but the most efficient one existing today is the lithium ion battery which is also used on cell phones and laptops.

These are just some of the reasons why everyone must try to build an electric car. Its practicality, eco-friendliness and its ease makes it ideal for difficult times like today. We can have control over our car expenses. An electric car conversion should be tried by everyone with a car.

Want to convert your car into an electric vehicle right NOW? Just pick up a copy of the premium electric car guide . Bill is a writer for the premium electric car guide, and has years of experience with mechanics and cars. Pick up the guide now .


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Convert Car to Electric
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