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Why is Fuel Economy So Important?


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We are all concerned about the high cost of gas and oil. Every day we hear the terns “hypermiling",  "save money on gas" “water for gas" and more. But have you ever concerned why fuel economy is so important? In this article I will outline four reasons why fuel economy is so important.

1) Save Money - This is an obvious one, who doesn't want to save money right. There are a number of ways to save money on gas including water for gas technology, hybrid technology, keeping up with maintenance on your vehicle, etc. But the bottom line is we all want to save money.

2) Global Warming - It is now a proven fact that mankind is “warming" the planet. Lets face it we need to do all we can to lessen the effects of global warming. Using less gas leads to less CO2 emissions which in turn produce less global warming in the atmosphere.

3) National Security - Nearly 50% off our oil comes from foreign states. Since we are dependent on these foreign states we are sometimes not able to make diplomatic decisions based on the countries best interest and national security.

4) Oil is a Limited Resource - This may be of the most compelling reasons why fuel economy so important.  Although we are not sure when we will run out experts are certain that we will.

The answer to “why is fuel economy so important" could literally fill pages. However, just these few reasons should be reason enough. Do you want to increase your fuel efficiency by nearly 60%? You can with water for gas technology.

To learn more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas powered car, visit our website for all the SECRETS of Water Car Technology. Richard Verreault is an Entrepreneur working relentlessly to help vehicle owners keep their hard earned money in their pockets where it belongs instead of giving it to the oil/gas companies.


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