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Electric Car Conversion Kit

Nick Earl

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With the use of an electric car conversion kit you can now completely get rid of the need to use traditional oil based gasoline in your car. Up until now the possibilities of using electric based hybrid engines were only really available to people with a large pocket, costing anywhere upwards of $8000. That is no longer the case, and it is now possible to invest just $200-$300 and you can be up and running on electricity in a very short time.

Recently there has been much hype on the internet about the hydrogen car kits, and you may have seen something about this on the news. Because of this many people have been getting the HHO technology, which has had a bit of a bad reputation with the media, mixed up with hybrid or electrical conversion technology, and this has had a negative impact on how well known electric car conversion and the associated kits have been within the public.

Thankfully, that confusion is now clearing up, and there is now a large amount of potential to be able to start using this wonderful fuel saving technology much more in our culture.

So what are the benefits of installing and using an electric car conversion kit in your own car? Well I think that you can really put the benefits down to three basic components.

1. Potentially you can completely get rid of the need to use gasoline in your car as a fuel source. This is because of the fact that your car will no longer be relying on gasoline at all, in fact your car will now get all its power from a “charge". Just one of these charges can give you enough power to travel over 200 miles, and is very simple to perform. #

2. Massively decrease your carbon emissions. Well, this one goes without saying, if you cut down your use of gasoline, you are no longer going to pumping out tons of damaging carbon emissions into the Earths atmosphere.

3. By converting and using an electric car conversion kit, you not only be effect your self in a positive manner, but what you do will effect those around you. Just think, if you are no longer spending hundreds of dollars per week on fuel, you are pretty likely to tell your friends and family about it. The news cycle spreads, and more and more people get in on this technology and start receiving the benefits.

The reason that this technology has not taken off even more and faster than it has, is unfortunately not down to anything new, just plain old fashioned greed on the behalf of the giant oil companies and whoever is affiliated with them. Luckily, if you are reading this, you have quite likely already seen that there might be a little more to this than what meets the eye.

So if you would like to join the mass of people converting their existing car to run on electricity as a hybrid, saving on fuel exspenses and reducing carbon emissions, get over to this Electric Car Conversion Kit Review, It really helped me choose the right kit to get my car running as an electric hybrid, and if you are serious about doing it I recommend getting the best guide, as there are some pretty bad ones out there and you don't want to waste your time and energy on the wrong thing. So check it out at


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