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Homemade Hydrogen Generator - How to Build Your Own Gas-Saving Hydrogen Device


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With gas prices constantly climbing, many car owners are compelled to seek out cheaper means of transportation and/or ways to cut back on their gas expenses. Among the various gas-saving alternatives on the market, one device stands out - the homemade hydrogen generator - for its ability to save huge on gas and protect the environment by using water as a fuel source. The aim here is not to replace gasoline, but to use water-fuel technology to enhance its fuel efficiency.

How This Works

The technology behind the homemade hydrogen generator has been scientifically proven and even publicized on the media in recent months. This technology is almost a century old, but has only recently gained popularity for use in vehicles.

In a nutshell, a homemade hydrogen generator boosts the efficiency of a vehicle's gasoline combustion. It does this by electrolyzing ordinary water to form a hydrogen-based gas known as HHO or hydroxy. The HHO that is produced from water is fed through the car's airflow intake into the internal combustion engine where it blends with gasoline. By using HHO as a supplement, regular gasoline burns much more efficiently and gives you far more miles for the same tank of gas. More importantly, it puts more money back in your pocket!

There is a myriad of designs for hydrogen generators, but one of the simplest and safest designs combines the electrolyzer, bubbler and a water reservoir (typically a quart-size container or jar). The entire setup can be easily and safely installed under the hood of your car.

How Will This Benefit Me?

Using water as a fuel source brings with it extensive benefits. Not only do you get greatly improved gas mileage due to more complete fuel combustion, many drivers have also experienced improved engine performance, and a smoother and quieter engine operation. The clean-burning HHO gas also removes carbon buildup in the internal combustion engine, prolonging engine life. Furthermore, the IRS also gives you significant tax rebates for using clean-burning fuel!

How Will This Work For Me, The Average Consumer?

The technology sounds complicated? Well, it shouldn't be. Thankfully, there are many excellent do-it-yourself plans/guides are available at low cost. Many of these are available on the internet and specially designed for car novices on limited budgets and with little no technical expertise. A complete working system can be built at home with basic parts and materials for anywhere from $100 to $150. You can get your family members or friends together for an afternoon of fun building your own hydrogen generator. The process is straightforward enough and does not require any modification to the vehicle engine or onboard computer system.

Any auto mechanic will tell you that our vehicles’ internal combustion engines suffer from a really poor fuel efficiency of 20%. This means a massive 80% of the energy from gasoline is largely wasted as excess heat and harmful emissions! But by using water as a fuel source, you can potentially boost your car's gas mileage and start saving on gas the way you should.

From an economic standpoint, the homemade hydrogen generator is worth looking into, and if it means using less fuel, boosting your car's performance and going easy on the environment, it's well worth the investment.

Want To Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator But Don't Know Where To Start?

Don't worry! Many people just like you have successfully built and installed one on their own to run their cars on water. They are already shaving $1000s off their gas bills. If you need step-by-step guidance in installing one, I have reviewed the Top 3 Best-Selling Homemade Hydrogen Generator Guides for your convenience. These highly recommended guides provide easy-to-follow instructions that will help you save money in no time.

Isache Chew is an Alternative Fuel Specialist who takes pride in helping the average consumer save money on gas and give oil companies a run for their money! For a candid review of the best-selling guides, zoom now into his website at


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Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator Make Hydrogen Gas to Power Your Car on Water
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