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Alternatives to Saving Gas


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What's up with the price of oil? It was over $4.00 per gallon then it went down to around $3.75 - all this is just a few weeks. This doesn't help the economy, which is showing more cracks each day. And on top of all this, there is no clear winner in the alternative fuel market. There isn't one source that looks to be the complete answer. Maybe a combination of different technologies can be the short term solution while we look for developing that ultimate emissions free, high energy, safe, alternative fuel resource. That could be twenty to thirty year away.

Get Off The Foreign Stuff

In the meantime we must ween ourselves off of foreign oil and take control of our future. Think about it, the U. S is being “held over a barrel" by the Saudis and the Middle East interests. The fluctuation of gas prices makes everyone uneasy and bring on doubts about the true power and might of this country. How could we let ourselves get to this point. Well, anyway, until the government gets more involved we all need some help on saving gas. I think the government has finally heard the cry from the public: “Help us save gas"! There are a few ways to help you save money on gas, some

Alternatives, Alternatives

Here is a list of the option to help on saving gas. Some options will result in modest gains for a small investment while others will save you big time bucks on a gallon of gasoline but will take years to recoup the premium sticker price for hybrid and electric cars. Finally, possibly the perfect solution that that can double or even triple the miles you get from a gallon of gasoline without having to spend a lot of money, you can do it yourself and do it using the car you already have. Not only that the byproduct of the system is water. . . You'll be doing your part to reduce the carbon emissions thereby helping to reduce global warming. Who else can say that?

Hybrids and Electrics

If you've got the bucks to spend on a new hybrid car or electric car then this would be the best choice to help save on gas. The electric car is virtually emissions free and the hybrid uses two sources of fuel to help reduce carbon emissions.
Be aware that the electric car has a limited driving range before it needs to be recharged. The hybrids however, usually use gasoline/alternative fuel and hydrogen-to generate energy.

Tune-Up and Tire Check

You can optimize the mpg of your conventional fuel auto by having it tuned up and tires checked. You may not see any mpg gain at all but at least the car is running as “clean" as the engine allows.

Convert Your Car To use Water

There is a old technology called “Brown's Gas" that has become a practical alternative for car fuel since the gas prices went through the roof. By adding a hydrogen fuel cell to your engine, it splits the hydrogen and oxygen atoms and generates energy that helps boost the mpg of your vehicle.

Here is help for saving money on gas .


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