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Best Fuel Economy Cars - A Car Using an Age Old Technology?


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So, with the gas prices pretty high where ever in the world, we're on our way into an energy crisis. With about $4 a gallon, is it safe to just leave the way it is? It's getting painful driving from place to place knowing that you have to drive efficiently and wish that red light would go green already. Sometimes it would be better to just take a bus just to save some money. That hybrid new car that supposedly have better mileage is pretty expensive, do you have the money to spent it? So, what is this age old technology that people been talking about?

A age old technology that was used before gasoline was invented. It supposedly involve you putting together a home-made devices that uses electricity out of your car's battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen 1 Oxygen). HHO, also known for Hydroxy, burns a lot better than with just gasoline alone.

With the devices installed, your car will now run more efficiently, your engine's performance is improved and it's a better alternative than using gasoline alone. What you are now running is a hybrid car that runs gasoline and water. You'll start using less gas and gain more mileage.

This old technology is still experiment, the ending results can vary a lot. You can get good or bad results depending on how well your knowledge with car is. Of course you might have to spent time making tweaks on your car to give the best results.

What's interesting about this technology is, there are a lot of skepticism about this technology and how this does not work. It's nothing but a scam. Especially most scientists knows that it'll probably make your car use more fuel than reduce it or it'll cause your car to explode if done incorrectly. They even have a proof that it won't work. However, there are also a lot of people saying it does work and that they have tried it and are having better mileages. We can't ignore that. . . unless they're all liars! However, there's no way to tell, and tests that most people done cannot be considered proof, because most test can vary, depending on many factors. You want to find out?

However in the end, there's nothing but bickering between people on whether this technology works or not. So, because gas prices are high and will probably continue to rise. . . if you're up to it , let's give this technology a try. Even if it doesn't work, you'll know and can report it and try other ways to save money for gas and get more mileages for your car. If it does work, you'll be saving gas money from your pocket and can go around telling about your own experiences. If you want to learn more about this technology, visit this site for more instructions on how to build your own. If you decide to do it. . . make the best out of it


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Hydrogen Fuel For Cars A Breakthrough in Car Technology
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