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Public Car Auctions - Tips For Getting the Best Deal That You Can


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When faced with the task of buying or selling a car, everyone wants to get the best deal on the market. You do not have to be a car genius or know everything about cars, or to have participated in previous car auctions in order to get the best deals at public car auctions. Armed with your money, luck and some few secret tips, anyone can get the best bargains at public car auctions. Some of the tips you should know include:

Strike A Rapport With The Auction Workers

The people working at the public car auctions usually have information about upcoming auctions and the available cars. Getting to know them in person can be beneficial, especially if you are not knowledgeable on cars. They are one of the greatest assets at your disposal when you are looking for good bargains at these auctions.

Auction workers usually have knowledge on which types of cars sell quickly during different seasons. They can be a good source of advice on which cars to buy and which ones you can resell quicker during such seasons. The public car auctions drivers can be a source of information on the problems in a particular car that you may be interested in. Since they drive the cars to the site of the public car auctions, they may have beneficial information if you do not know much about cars

Wise Use Of Time

Don't hurry up to arrive at the auction site very early when it starts, since public car auctions usually take up nearly the whole day. But ensure you give yourself ample time to review the cars and the bids offered. Making bids in the evening is usually good, as many people have usually gone by his time and you do not face a big competition for your bid. Staying till late in the evenings may also give you a chance to ask the mechanics questions about a car you intended to purchase.

Proper Timing

Ensure that you are at the public car auctions site just before the auction has commenced. Getting in time is important as it will give you time to find some parking space, get the bidder's number and put in the deposit required. Also, ensure you are well prepared for auctions before they actually start. Workers at public car auctions usually know in advance when the next auctions are being held, and getting this information from them might help you to plan ahead. Also, some of them might be willing to give you information about “exclusive deals" before the cars are put out for public auctions.


Getting the best deals in public car auctions does not require one to be a genius. The above secret tips can enable you to clinch great deals whether you are a novice or professional in car matters. Keep them in mind the next time you are thinking of participating in a public car auctions activity.

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