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How to Find Auto Auctions Open to the Public


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$500 cars! Save 95% off of your dream car! $2,000 Mercedes-Benz's! And the list goes on. I'm sure you've heard at least one of these statements, or something like it when it comes to auto auctions open to the public. But, are these stories true? Can you really walk away with a car for only $500 that actually runs and doesn't have serious mechanical work needed? Well, to tell you the truth about it. . . the answer is yes! I've ran across a couple of people that have gotten cars for $400, $500, $600 and up from an auto auction. And yes, the cars actually worked. So, you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on a good deal like that. So, I'm about to tell you.

While a lot of people know about the great deals you can get from an auto auction open to the public, most of them do not know where to even begin to look. You can try looking in the newspaper for an auction announcement but those are only announced every couple of months or so, if at all. Plus, there will be a lot of people there which increases your competition when bidding. So, your chances of getting a really cheap car basically go down the drain.

After that, you can try to look on the Internet for a car auction in your area. But all that will leave you with is a headache. Trust me. . . I've tried it before and just about every result I got was a dealer auction which is in fact NOT open to the public.

If you are able to find an auto auction open to the public by looking in the newspaper or by going online, great job! If not, don't feel bad about it because their is a way easier way to find more than just one car auction near you. You can easily gain access to hundreds of public auto auction listings by becoming a member of a car auction listing site. This is way easier than looking through the newspaper or aimlessly surfing the web. Unless you like to do that type of stuff. . .

Plenty of car auction sites have come and gone over the years, many proving to be scams. So, be careful which one you join.

Don't know which one to join? Then visit for a review of the top 3 car auction sites.


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Public Car Auctions Can Be Both Bad And Good
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