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Electric Car Conversion - Don't Convert Your Car Into an Electric Until You Read This


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A lot of people in the United States, even around the world are suffering from the burdens of using gas-powered vehicles. That is, a great percentage of their monthly income goes directly for purchasing fuels to run their cars, thus constricting their budget for food and leisure to a minimum level.

With people nowadays being much satisfied traveling from one place to another using their cars, this problem of budgeting will never be resolved, especially that gas prices continues to rise in the world market.

If your solution for this kind of problem is not by walking instead of driving, then you should already look for alternative ways to save money on fuel. In other words, it is already the right time for you to innovate.

Innovation in this sense is achieved by getting rid of that gas engine and replacing it with a system that allows you to fuel your car with an alternative and cheaper form of car energy.

The best that you can do to accomplish a fuel-saving make-over for your car is to convert your car's engine to an electrical device that runs without the gas.

Electric cars are gaining popularity around the world. It does not only allows the car owner to save money from gas, but it is also an alternative way to save the environment from peril due to air pollution, because it does not emit dangerous and poisonous smoke in the atmosphere.

So how do you convert your gas-powered car to an electrical vehicle?

The process is quite simple to understand, and if you will be the one to convert your own car, it will be helpful if you buy an online guide that will guide you in every step, so that you will avoid miscalculations and faulty alterations. There is also an electric car conversion kit being sold that is helpful if you will be the one to do the process.

But to help you understand quite a little bit, the process of electric car conversion involves the removal of the entire combustion engine, then installing an electric motor in place of the one that has been removed. Then the batteries will be added in the system and these will serve as the power source that you can recharge anytime it runs out of energy.

But if you can't fully comprehend the entire process, it is better that you will consult an expert on this field, because other cars have a complicated system that only the specialist can fully understand on how to deal with it, and a special electric car conversion kit is needed.

After your car is converted into an electric automobile, expect that you can run as far as 80 miles with a speed between 50 to 90 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, if you are always bounded to travel around the city, an electric car is very much ideal to suit your needs.

The entire conversion process will cost for a maximum of US$500, which includes the entire installation process of the electric motor and the batteries. You will only be spending this much for only one time, and the next thing you know you pay a big amount for your car is after three years when you will change your batteries that will cost around US$300 to US$600.

Samuel Watson knows how to turn YOUR vehicle into an electric car. Visit his electric car conversion website right now to download his step-by-step, easy to follow manual showing you exactly how to convert your car into an electric. Go there now -> Click Here To Get The Premium Electric Car Guide.


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Convert a Car to Electric - Electric Motor Tips
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