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Whatever Happened to Car Salvage Auctions


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As a young driver I used to dream of owning a newer faster and bigger car than I owned. One way of doing this was to buy a salvage car, spend some time doing the car up, whilst driving it around, and then hopefully sell it for more than I bought it, to then buy another salvage car and the cycle start again.

The source for buying the vehicles was the car salvage auctions that did not occur as often as a normal car auction, but did come around every few months or so to the local area where I lived. If I could not wait for the next event I found by reading an auto car magazine, I could find some car salvage auction with driving distance every few weeks.

If the truth were known, by the time I added up the total cost of putting these salvage cars back on the road, i probably could have bought a normal car without the hassle. But at the time I was blinded by the process and because I did not fork out for everything ion one go, I never really felt the real cost hit me.

However as time moved on, it seemed that everyone and his dog was now buying car salvage to repair and the prices of vehicles started to get to a price point where it just was not worth buying and in fact I never understood, why they were such high prices until a while later.

The reason for the high prices was I competing with breaker yards, which had no intention for rebuilding the cars they were in fact stripping them down for the now lucrative market if selling used car parts off the shelf. Vehicles that were of a young age, when broken down could make many times the salvage price, from each individual used car part that was sold from it. The remainder of the vehicle was then sold as scrap metal. In these days you did not need the licence you need to day to break a vehicle and take it off the road, cheap imported car parts has still not hit the shelf's yet and the internet was not even heard of.

But now in the 21st century things have changed again. It is virtually unknown for a physical car salvage auction to take place. It is too much hassle, to transport the vehicles to the auction house to be sold. Most salvage auctions are now done online either after they have first been bought direct from the insurance companies or through a trade only auction before being sold on.

Of course the disadvantage is, you find yourself bidding on vehicles you cannot see or touch. The benefits are, with so many cars being sold off, there can be bargains found again. It should be noted that the cheapest car salvage auctions tend to be to trade only and other sales, tend to be a re-sale.

So of you are looking for car salvage auctions, you will have to look online and take your time to find out, are you buying direct, or as a re-sale. It may make a huge difference in price. If you are looking for car parts, then buying from a salvage yard may be the solution.

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