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Miles Per Gallon - Discover How to Easily Increase Your Gas Mileage With HHO Technology


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Miles per gallon - it's a number that worries millions of car drivers every day. How can I get the most number of miles out of a gallon of gas whose price is rising every day. In answer to this, thousands of people are converting their cars every day to run on HHO. Find out what it is and how anyone can easily convert their car, in this article.

What Happens In A Regular Car?

In a regular car, the gasoline you put into the tank is mixed with air. This resulting vapour is then squirted into your engine where it is burned so that your can move.

Addition of HHO

If you add HHO (it's a gas, not a solid or a liquid) to this vapour that you already have, then your engine can still burn it. But the result is more power and better gas mileage.

You also have lower emissions (which the IRS will even give you a deduction for) and longer engine life due to a lower operating temperature.

So, how can we add HHO to our existing cars?

Easy To Install

There are many guides on the internet which show you exactly how to convert your own car to run on HHO. It is very easy for anyone to do themselves.

If you don't have the time, then you can always ask any mechanic to fit it for you for a minimal cost.

The Beauty of HHO

Maybe you're wondering. . . where can I fill my car up on HHO? Here is the most beautiful part about the HHO system.

HHO is generated by electrolysis of. . . water! Yes, that's right, simple tap water!

So your converted car will contain a new small tank for water that you need to keep topped up.

Water? This Cannot Be True?

That is often the first reaction of people who hear about HHO technology. But the simple fact is that thousands of people are converting their cars every day.

Not just people but also corporations and government agencies. For instance, the Honea Path Police Department in South Carolina has converted it's entire fleet of cars to run on HHO in addition to gasoline.

Can you afford to keep paying these high prices to run your car? Think about what you could do with the money that you are throwing away every day. Discover how easy it is to convert your car here: Run Your Car On Water .


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Truckers Can Now Get More Miles Per Gallon
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