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Gas 2 Electric Review - Is the New Electric Car Technology a Scam?


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Does electric car technology really exist, and can you really convert your car to run with electric with the Gas 2 Electric guide? I recently purchased and used this guide by George Christodoulou that claims to be able to help anyone convert their gas cars to run on electricity. More information about electric car technology and the features of Gas 2 Electric will be explained further inside this article.

1. The History Of Electric Cars

At one time in the past, electrically powered cars were very popular in United States roads as gas cars produced a lot of smoke and made a lot of noise. However, after new methods to make gas were found, electrically powered cars were slowly taken over, and gasoline cars became the standard method of traveling.

With more efforts being made to promote a cleaner environment and cleaner cars, electric car conversion has become a very hot topic. I managed to find and download this guide called Gas 2 Electric that has helped me convert my vehicle to run with electric easily.

2. How Does An Electric Car Work?

These cars use electrical energy stored in batteries to run the motor and turn the wheels. No gasoline is burned during the process, and I have found this method of powering a car to be much cleaner and more cost efficient.

3. What Are The Batteries Needed To Run An Electric Car?

Up to 24 batteries may be needed to power an electrical car. To charge the batteries, I will usually plug them into the regular electrical wall outlet at night. These batteries may be nickel cadmium type or lead acid type, and the Gas 2 Electric guide will explain to you how different batteries differ in terms of capacity of energy it is able to hold and which ones are able to last the longest.

Is Gas 2 Electric guide a scam? Visit to learn more about this electric conversion guide!


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Electric Car Conversion - Easy Steps For Building Your Own Electric Car
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