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Auto Security Systems


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If a person, more often a pro, wants to steal your car, they probably think they have the know-how. Of course you want to protect your vehicle from pros, but greater consideration should be given to devises which will help keep your car from being stolen by amateurs. You may have an electronic anti theft devise or even the club but still your auto can be taken. There is no fool proof auto security system but consider this - most cars are broken into below the door line and therefore out of sight.

Many vehicles with build in antitheft alarms give no warning that the car is so equipped. It stands to reason that the best way to deter a thief is with a visible indicator. It is my understanding that a visible indicator is effective in deterring fifty percent of potential thieves.

If the perpetrator sees a flashing light, chances are that they will move on to another vehicle. They have no way of knowing if this light is a dummy or the real thing!

If your car does not have a security system, one needs to be added because of widespread theft and vandalism. Many devises are available, ones needing profession installation as well as inexpensive ones which can be installed by the owner. Simple devises such as motion detectors, door alarms, etc. are available not only to sound an alarm but will dial your telephone number or the police. Many cars in some of our neighborhoods have been vandalized or stolen during the night and not discovered until morning.

Had the vehicles had a security system with a blinking light and a siren, the police would have been notified immediately.

Security And Wellbeing is a site devoted to helping you secure your home and/or your business. You will also find items for your pet, the nursery, and personal security. Items are added to increase your home automation and organization and well as items for your personal well being.


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Home Security Systems and You
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