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Radar Laser Detectors


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A friend of mine, a lawyer, was stopped for speeding! Even though he was a lawyer, in a “convey, " and using a radar detector, the patrolman gave him a ticket. He asked the officer why he picked him out of the group and stopped. The patrolman said that he saw my friend's brake light come on as he was trying to slow down! So if you think you are spotted by a highway patrolman, don't step on your brake to slow down!
It is not fool proof, but a radar/laser detector may be your best friend helping to spot a speed trap or a moving patrol car. To my knowledge, there is only one company, Rocky Mountain Radar, which will pay your first fine if you get a laser ticket.

What should you look for in purchasing a detector? The first thing is to know what bands they detect. There are X, K, POP, and super wide Ka bands. The next thing is know whether the police units are pulse or instant-on detectors. Check and know that the detector you buy can detect the above. There are also some detectors which make you “invisible" to VG-2/VG-3 detectors. Some detectors scramble all laser signals from police units. Be aware of the claims of the various companies and make sure that they provide you the protection you need when traveling.

Most detectors are portable and can easily be attached to the dash or windshield. Many units have visual and well as audible alerts. Pick one which allows you to select city as well as highway modes. Driving in the city with the detector constantly beeping because of businesses and security systems, etc. is very annoying! Check on the display - make sure that it is readable. A unit should not reflect lights and/or sunlight. There are some very dependable detectors for around $100 -$150. Others cost as much as several hundred dollars. Be sure that you investigate your choice to get your moneys worth.

Radar detectors are legal in all states but Virginia. You need to check the legal status of Laser Detectors in your state.

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