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Mercedes Sprinter Van - A Perfect Fit For Plumbers and Electricians


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Plumbing and electrical work is complicated and requires lots of special tools and equipment to get the job done. Do you feel like you are cramming your stuff in your current vehicle? Does the inside look jumbled and messy and you feel like you can't find anything? You might want to consider updating your work vehicle to a Mercedes Sprinter van. This versatile vehicle is ideal for just this line of work.

Now, you're probably wondering why you should consider making this change at all. Here are several attributes of the Mercedes Sprinter that'll have you wondering why you didn't get one sooner.

1. Cargo space- The very large cargo space holds all of your equipment. The cargo version is nearly twenty-four feet in length with a ceiling height of about seven feet.

2. Ceiling height- The cargo version allows for a ceiling height of seven feet. How great is that when you are trying to find a tool in the back or packing up the equipment at the end of a tough job. The last thing you want is to have to crouch and crawl around in the back of the vehicle. This one allows you to stand up straight, unless maybe you are also a professional basketball player.

3. Gas mileage - You have an option of gas or diesel engine. While the gas engine gets great mileage, the diesel gets the best mileage among all its competitors. Your business is on the road. You have to go where the emergency is and that means driving. Especially now, getting good gas mileage is a top priority for keeping the business in the black.

4. Customizing capabilities- Well, you've heard about the impressive cargo space and the ceiling height, but now what can you do with it? Because the walls of the Mercedes Sprinter are practically straight up and down, you can add shelving, containers, workbenches and cabinets to organize all of your specialty equipment.

5. Maneuverability- Built for the narrow roads and limited parking of Europe, the Mercedes Sprinter van makes tight turns and fits snugly into spaces a normal utility van would not. Though it might look top heavy, it actually handles quite well on winding roads. After all, you never know where the next job site is going to be.

6. European engineering- It's a Mercedes so you are sure of the fine quality workmanship and German engineering that went into the manufacturing of the parts and frame. This also means that it is a vehicle you can count on. Getting to your job site is essential to your work, so you need to know your van is going to be ready to go.

You may have noticed the price tag is a little expensive for the Mercedes Sprinter van, but after reviewing the attributes above, you can see that it is well worth the price. By spending a bit more now, it can save you in the long run. You'll save time by having your equipment organized and money because of the great gas mileage. Looking at the quality of the product, it won't be in the shop all the time.

If you are a plumber or an electrician and need a lot of cargo space within your vehicle, then Mercedes sprinter is the best choice. It has all the facilities like space, speed and fuel economy that makes it suitable for your daily work needs. For details, visit


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