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Good Car Care


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A little bit of time, money and effort is all that is required for one to increase their cars’ life and make it visually appealing. You can opt for taking the car to a details shop and getting it cleaned professionally, and waxed for about $100. But adding a monthly expenditure of $100 to your monthly spending is not something one would normally wish for. So, here are some solutions.

Firstly, completely clean the car by spraying it and getting it wet. This results in lubrication of the dirt and prevents any scratches from forming while washing the car body itself. Using any kind of soap but preferably the car wash type, wash one part of the car at a time, for example, do one side, rinse the soap off and move on to the next. This will ensure the soap does not dry out. Using a clean terry cloth is advisable for this procedure. Wheels and tires must be cleaned as well though getting to the brake dust can be tough. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure the car has been completely dried.

The next step is the car polish. Car polish is used for giving the car a shiny, luster appearance and can last for a full year. It is much easier to use and apply car polish when it is in the liquid form. The polish must be applied in circular motion and for the maximum protection of your car and three to four coatings are usually required. Buff the car by using a clean towel.

The next step is the waxing of the car. One must be aware that car wax does not last as long as polish and wears off, but provides a glossier finish. It can be applied the same way the polish is applied. Follow this by cleaning the tires. Some armor can be used to give the tires shine but wheels can also be polished or waxed.

A way of improving the looks of your car is to straighten out the dents. Sorting out a dent usually costs about $30-$40 and this investment will save you from buying costly replacements parts in the future.

One must vacuum the interior of the car and remove all garbage and unwanted material from the interior. The amount of garbage found under the seats can really build up if you're not careful. Sprays are available in stores which can be used to clean leather seats. Once this is done, don't forget to keep the glass clean, inside as well as out. We obviously use the glass to see out of so it is vital it remains clean. It is a well-known fact that over 50% of all accidents that result in serious injury or death are down to unclear or low visibility.

These are just a few simple and easy tips on how to keep your car healthy and clean from the outside in. All that is required is a little time and effort and your car will be as shiny as new.

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