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Great Fuel Saving Tips


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Whenever you are driving a mid sized hybrid or a four-ton SUV, there are ways in which you can squeeze a little bit more out of each liter of fuel. Bearing in mind the price hikes in fuel and other expenses that are associated with driving today, you can definitely gain half or one mile per gallon and this will make a really big difference in the long run.

Below we have listed some advice and tips on saving fuel which can help you improve your vehicle's fuel economy, in turn helping you save more money; after all money saved is money earned or so the saying goes.

1. Slow Down
Simply by reducing your speed can prove a very useful thing to do in terms of fuel efficiency. In fact, any increase in speed will decrease the fuel efficiency relatively. Try driving within the speed limits, even for just a few days and you will observe a marked saving on fuel costs.

2. Air Filter Check
Unclean air filters restrict the air flow inside the engine which in turns damages the vehicle's performance as well as its economy. Air filters are generally easy to identify and thus are easy to clean as well. If you feel that there is too much dust on the filters i. e. if you can not see light penetrating through the filter, then you may need to down tools and go and purchase a new one. Permanent filters can be cleaned fairly often while the non-permanent type has to be changed frequently. The permanent filters are also less restrictive than the paper filters ones and are also eco-friendly.

3. If you are driving an automatic geared car, try accelerating moderately. This will enable a smooth shift into the higher gears. Manual gear users must shift early enough to keep the revs down but avoid choking the engine. You should also downshift into a lower gear if you want to accelerate. Drive carefully and keep a steady watch for any potential slowdowns. If you increase the speed and then you brake down suddenly, then that also wastes fuel.

4. You might have noticed how in long traffic jams, cars constantly need to speed up and then immediately have to slow down again due to the stop-go pattern of the jam, while on the other hand trucks and HMVs keeps rolling at the same speed without having to constantly jab the gas up and down? The reason behind this is that to get a vehicle moving, considerably more fuel is used than to keep it rolling or moving.

5. Last, and most important, is to be eco-friendly all the way. Rather than using air conditioners, open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze. Consider switching to hybrid and electricity cars when buying a car in the future.

6. Not a very popular thing to end with, but try TO AVOID DRIVING; that will certainly save gas. Try carpooling, walk for short distances or make more use of public transport.

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