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Building a Hydrogen Fuel Kit Free Plans Versus Professional Guides


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What does it take to build your own hydrogen fuel kit?

Well, for one, you don't need to possess the full-fledged technical skills of a car mechanic. With a right set of plans and instructions, you can build and install your own hydrogen fuel kit right under your car hood and start enjoying improved fuel economy on the go. Dig through the internet, and you will find many free plans as well as professionally-written guides/manuals. But how do free plans compare with paid professional guides? If you are keen to build your own gas saver, which way - free or paid - should you go?

To answer this question, you have to look at what free plans and paid professional guides have to offer. At the basic level, both provide some technical details on how this technology works. Briefly, a hydrogen fuel kit converts water into a hydrogen-based gas known as HHO or hydroxy. This gas serves as a supplement to enhance the combustion rate of gasoline, resulting in drastically-enhanced fuel economy.

Both free plans and professional guides provide instructions and schematic diagrams to help you build a hydrogen fuel kit

What free plans are not

Being free, these plans can be downloaded online without a charge. However, you will quickly realize that these plans are usually not easy to understand, even more so for the average driver with no technical knowledge of cars. Free plans are often hastily put together with minimal effort. Details are usually incomplete and chances are, you will end up having a hard time with no technical support.

Most people who tried building their own gas saving devices using free plans eventually gave up and chose to pay for a professional guide/manual for a peace of mind.

What paid professional guides offer

Well, plenty! For a start, they offer far better quality, and at a low price. Typically for $50 or less, you get step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Many of these professional guides are designed for the car novice in mind. They come with fully illustrated diagrams, actual pictures and a full list of parts and materials needed to set up your first hydrogen fuel kit. They even recommend locations where you can get the basic parts cheaply.

With a paid guide, you will be guided through the entire assembly and installation process. If you encounter a problem, there is technical support to rely on - often in the form of email or phone call. A good guide/manual usually comes with a money-back guarantee too. This is a clear indicator and assurance of product quality.

Free or paid: Which to choose?

Are free plans without their merits? Well, if you want to get grounded on the basics of this technology, free plans are good resources to get you up to speed.

But if you want to build your own gas saver with minimum fuss and difficulty, I strongly suggest opting for a professional guide. For a small sum of money, you get quality information and full guidance. This will be money well-spent. Why not? After all, for $50 or less (and with another $100 for parts and materials), you stand to gain $1000s in savings from improved fuel economy, each and every year - all by building your own hydrogen fuel kit.

Want to build one yourself but do not know where to start?

Fret not! Many people in your shoes have successfully built their own hydrogen fuel kits to run their cars on water. They are already shaving $1000s off their gas bills. If you need step-by-step guidance in installing one, I have reviewed the Top 3 Online Guides on Hydrogen Fuel Kit for your convenience. These highly recommended guides provide easy-to-follow instructions that will help you save money in no time.

Isache Chew is an Alternative Fuel Specialist who takes pride in helping the average consumer save money on gas and give oil companies a run for their money! For a candid review of the best-selling guides, zoom now into his website at


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