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Used Cars Three Facts You Must Know About a Car Model While Shopping


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So, you're looking at getting a used car. A very financially prudent move. Used cars can save you big over a new car, as you don't have to take the hit of heavy depreciation right off the bat. This makes buying used a great value.

However, shopping for a used car can often be a little more complex than shopping for a new one. You see, new cars, by virtue of being new, don't have all the potential “gotchas" that used cars do. Your new car will never have been in an accident. Your new car will have a warranty to help if the car begins to develop issues.

Don't worry too much about this, though, even with these confusing issues out there, buying a used car is still the way to go. You just have to do a little extra homework, and get to know the car model you're looking into. To help out with this process, I have written up a list of three facts you must know about your favored model of used car before you pull the trigger and buy.

1. How Reliable Is This Model?

Here we come to an advantage of buying used: since the car has already been on the market for a few years, you can read up online about how reliable it is. One of the best places to check on this is car owner forums. Look for posts talking about certain reoccurring problems.

You'll often find that certain issues will keep cropping up for certain model years. You might even considering posting yourself, and asking what the common problems are with the model you're considering. You can get a lot of valuable, first hand information about a car this way.

2. Has This Model Had Any Recalls?

Recalls in themselves aren't a bad thing (they mean the problem actually got fixed), but you need to know about these to see if the seller has been keeping up with the recalls. Be sure to ask for paperwork verifying that the stated repair has been performed. Some recalls left unfixed might be OK, but if they're serious, be sure that they have been resolved before you buy.

3. How Is This Model Priced?

Knowing that a used car is fairly priced is key to getting a good deal. Look up the Kelly Blue Book value online to get a good baseline estimate. Take things a step further by looking at as many used car listings for your model as you possibly can, ensuring that you understand what the pricing looks like in the real world. You can this use this knowledge of pricing as leverage during the negotiations process of buying a used car.

Buy utilizing these facts, you can ensure that you understand your car model well enough to make an informed decision when buying on the used market. Since knowledge is power when buying a used car, the more you have, the better. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your used car search.

David Wilson is the owner of Cheap Used Cars Central , a site devoted to bringing you quality used cars listings, all under $20,000. Visit today, and find used Jeeps and more at great prices!


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What You Need to Know About a Car Model Before you go Shopping
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