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Is Water4Gas a Scam?


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With record high gas prices many are seeking an alternative fuel, or at least something to help increase the gas mileage of their current vehicles. There are many plans available promising to show you how to run your car on water. Water4Gas is probably the most well known. It is without question the top seller in that genre.

But, of all the information on water fuel technology, where does Water4Gas come in? The burning question remains, is Water4Gas a scam?

I can answer the question with one word. . . NO! Water4Gas is not a scam. What it is is the most extensive set of instructions on how to run your car on water. It is a complete set of blueprints designed specifically as a do it yourself guide. Nothing is left to chance. Water4Gas even has extensive technical support available 24/7 should you need assistance assembling or installing your water fuel kit.

Some of the other plans available are a little less money. Drivewater and Run Your Car On Water, for example, are around $50 for their plans. Water4Gas costs $97, or about twice as much. For that small amount of extra money you get an amazing amount of extra information. A complete guide to water fuel technology will make you feel much more comfortable assembling and installing their kit.

Water4Gas also includes several bonuses, including one that will show you how to create a car that runs entirely on water! Now, I have to admit, this is still in the experimental stages, but the information is fascinating.

Regardless of which plan you choose to help save you what could be thousands of dollars in fuel expense you should know this. All are safe for your car or truck. They will not void your warranty at all. Best of all, they all come with a 100% money back guarantee. You can try them risk free.

Record high gas prices are crippling our already fragile economy. Should you choose to help your cause by buying Water4Gas I know you will not be disappointed. Simply put, it works!

Are high gas prices cramping your style? Would you like to see how Water4Gas can save you $1000's in fuel expense? Check out the Truth About Water Fuel Technology . Gas prices are over $4 a gallon in many locations with experts predicting $5, $6 and even $10 a gallon before they reach their peak. Don't put it off any longer. Take action now!


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