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Run Your Car on Water Scientific Facts

Ashish K Arora

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Do you know the chemistry behind the water? Water contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and these are bonded together with the electrovalent bond and you require some energy for breaking the bond. Once a certain amount of energy is applied to water molecule it will broke down into two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. These atoms will further recombine themselves to form hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Now hydrogen is the high calorie fuel and it combines with the oxygen molecule and generates energy. So with this hydrogen produced from water molecule, you can run your car on water. It is the best fuel available in the world, however some safety issues are also associated with it.

You need to know, how you can convert water to these precious gas molecules? Once you have sufficient input for converting water to hydrogen and oxygen, you are away with 50 percent of the work. Actually this gas is also known as “Brown Gas" and is much cheaper than the hydrogen gas.

Lots of car manufacturing companies are spending millions of dollars on fuel cell, which is hydrogen-based technique. Actually in a fuel cell based cars, hydrogen is transported as hydrides and whenever needed this hydride is converted back to hydrogen, which acts as fuel. The cost of hydrogen-based fuel cell is much higher and I don't see any major change in this area and in my opinion, the conventional gas fuel based cars will be there for next 40 to 50 years.

So, hydrogen which is an excellent fuel is being utilized for the fuel-cell based cars and major car manufacturing companies including General Motor is spending millions of dollars on making prototype of fuel cell based cars. The cost of these fuel cells based cars or hybrid cars where hydrogen as well as gas will be used for running the cars will be much higher than the cost of the conventional gas based cars.

If you want to run your car on water, you need to spend around a few 100 dollars for carrying out a simple modification work. This modification will ensure that water is properly converted back to Brown gas, which acts as fuel for running your car on water.

There are variety of ways to save gas, such as by running your car on water or getting coupons. Run your car on water and save environment as well as money.


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