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4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas

Randy Vanderveen

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In these times of incredibly high gas prices and a lower value United States dollar, saving every single drop of fuel is vitally important to most people who own a vehicle. No one is immune from the threat of national dependence on foreign oil, and everyone can make a significant and lasting difference in the struggle to protect the environment and become energy independent. Furthermore, fuel economy makes good practical sense as the more efficient you are with your energy resources, the more ways you will find to save money on gas.

Studies have shown that one easy way to keep your gas consumption down is to keep your windows rolled up. When comparisons were conducted, cars that were driven with the windows down were far less fuel efficient than cars whose drivers ran the air conditioner. People have long known that air conditioning placed undue strain on a car's engine, but it is now evident that open windows are even worse. So if you can stand the heat, keep the AC off and the windows up, but if the sweat gets in your eyes then turn on the air before rolling down the windows.

Another way to save money on gas is to check online for the lowest local prices before filling up. Many map and directions websites will show the cheapest gas in a given zip code as well as giving directions for getting there. You may feel loyalty to your local service station, but using a discount store's gas station can save you as much as twenty cents per gallon in some cases. If you feel really guilty, buy your morning coffee at your old haunt but fill up wherever the best price is.

Change your oil, spark plugs and air filter on a regular schedule and keep your tires properly inflated. These small investments can add up to big savings quickly. This type of routine maintenance is easy to put off, but if you stall too long your car will start dropping in gas mileage and you can face costly repairs that may not ever fully reverse the problem. Keeping your car in good mechanical condition will not only save you money on gas, it can save you serious cash in repairs.

Finally, use a fuel catalyst to push your gas mileage to the limit. Few catalysts can increase mileage by as much as 35 percent per tank, and help fuel burn more cleanly and efficiently, which is good for the environment. Some types of engine oil come with a fuel additive mixed in, but most people prefer to use separate additives that go directly into the gas tank. Make sure you look for a catalyst that is tested and proven.

If you would like to increase gas mileage and performance in your vehicle and capitalize on an exploding demand for a solution to high gas prices and reduced pollution with the “Going Green" movement while creating a full time income online, visit Randy's marketing website .

About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs by showing people how to save money on gas, help the environment, and duplicate themselves online.


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12 Easy Ways to Save on Gas
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