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How to Reduce Your Gasoline Expenses by Half

Matthew Loop

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I don't know about your state of financial affairs, but with gas prices so outrageously high, many are fighting just to break even each month and keep their heads above water. Everyone across the globe (especially middle-class America) is feeling the crunch. Read the papers, watch the news, and you will see very quickly that even foreclosures are sky-rocketing! This fuel cost issue has proven to be a large culprit.

Wouldn't you agree that shelling-out hundreds of dollars per month on gas for your car / truck is utter garbage? The thing that really makes me furious is that, not only has “Big Oil" artificially jacked the price of gas sky-high, they have conspired with the auto manufacturers and the Federal Government to keep vehicle engines working inefficiently! This has been done by altering the fuel / air mixture ratio to convert the gas that's pumped into your car into only twenty-five percent actual energy for movement. The remainder is unburned and ends up getting blown out of the exhaust pipe.

It should come as no surprise that this inefficient burning is very bad on your engine, too. This ensures engine problems usually in under twelve years. When I first came across another simple, cutting-edge technology that had been proven create a gasoline-water hybrid, I was very angry! Believe it or not, this stuff was actually shown in the suppressed automotive studies to cut gas costs by half. I kept thinking, “How do the masses not know about this?"

Now, I am not referring to hydrogen fuel cells which have occasionally appeared in the media. I am speaking about a very easy, cheap system that splits the water particles into what is termed, Brown's Gas. This combines with the traditional gasoline and makes it burn much more efficiently, substantially increasing gas mileage! It will also dramatically decrease engine wear and tear.

The really cool thing, and what you probably didn't know, is that you can effectively create one of these systems and install it in your automobile in less than 24 hours! It will also cost you relatively little, somewhere in the neck of the woods of $100 bucks.

Initially, I was blown away when I heard about this water / hydrogen conversion system. When I actually got a chance to see it up close and personal, I couldn't believe my eyes! A friend of mine installed it on his car a several months ago and was able to cut his gasoline costs by 70%. The good news is, there's no need to screw-up or alter your engine as well. In all actuality, if you need to, you can uninstall the parts in under five minutes. When you start saving a boatload, I can assure you that you won't get rid of it though.

Two months ago, I installed a water-hydrogen conversion system on my car and it was pretty fast and simple, similar to what my other friend had told me. I'm not mechanically inclined either, I just thought the manual I followed was laid out well and “dummy proof. " Honestly, I've noticed a significant difference in engine performance, as it is much improved. My gas mileage has been phenomenal and has just about doubled as well. You can bet that I will be following it over the next year, as I want to be aware of just how much I'm specifically saving. Roughly, I'm on track to save around $960 for this year which is pretty solid relief from the high gas prices we will continue to face in the future!

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

Interested in building a water / gas hybrid yourself? Easily increase your gas mileage and save over $100 per month with the proven Run Your Car on Water conversion manual. It's fast, inexpensive, recommended by experts, and has a money-back guarantee! Get Gas Price Relief now by clicking on the blue text in this paragraph!


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