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How to Make a Hydrogen Generator Work For You

Bruce Brennan

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Gas prices keep going up, up, up, and what are you doing about it? Driving less? Putting inferior fuel in your vehicle? Boycotting the oil companies? Maybe nothing at all? Well guess what, there is something you can do. You can make a hydrogen generator that will work for you to save gas (and therefore money) every single time you turn your engine on. Thousands gave already discovered this valuable secret to help them save money on fuel.

To make a hydrogen generator, you will need only standard parts from your local hardware store and a couple hours of time. The result? Improved fuel economy, cleaner emissions (for those of you that have to put up with SMOG), and most importantly a wallet with more cash in it.

The hydrogen generator I am suggesting that you make uses a special gas known as HHO gas to supplement fuel usage (not completely replace it). The HHO gas is generated from plain tap water and the entire system is powered by the vehicle itself. Using electrolysis, the system generates the gas which bubbles to the top where it is picked up and sucked into the engine along with air via a vacuum tube.

Thousands of people are already saving gas using these great systems, and since there is no commercial unit currently available, it's obvious they have all built them at home. Anyone can make a hydrogen generator, and they are very inexpensive to build, making them even more appealing.

After you make a hydrogen generator, you may want to wire it to run anytime the engine is turned on, so you always have hydrogen “on-demand", to save you gas as you drive. Alternatively, you could make a switch for the hydrogen generator to make it only run when you desire.

It's easy to make a hydrogen generator, but if you have not built one before, I highly suggest following one of the many guides available. Since there are alot of options, I have compiled a review of the Top 3 Guides so you can make the best decision.

Bruce Brennan is a Fuel Economy expert and loves to help people just like you save gas every day. For more information including product comparisons and reviews, visit his website: Hydrogen Gas Savers


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Homemade Hydrogen Generator - Build a Hydrogen Generator at Home
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